This little light of mine…

    • When: 04/09/18
    • QIC: Bill Nye
    • The PAX: Honey Pot, Conseco, Pony Tail (R), Schrute, Herbie, Money Bags, JAG (R), Pink Panther, Italian Job


I make no secret of the fact that I love to Q. Put me one the sheet, I want it.
I want to push, pull, or kick any one who shows up to reach down and pull out more than they thought that they could.
But this is Old Town. It is our premier AO. The toughest of the week.
And I am still injured.
This was my question today: How do I push these men when any of them can leave me behind very quickly?

Tha Thang:
10 of Each:
Italian Nightclubs- IC
Markans- IC
Burpees- OYO
Followed by 21s- 21 SSH in cadence, but only the first 5 are counted. It all went according to plan until we Pony Tail and I reached 21 when everyone else was still on 20.
I am going with it was part of the plan so we could do the 10 penalty prison cells! Good job guys!

Mosey to the Hotbox:
The main menu today was simple. Merkan variation at the bottom, locomotor movement up the ramp, run to the top, ab exercise on top, run back down. Rinse and repeat until time expires (or you do).
Trip #      15 of            Up the ramp          On the top floor, do 20
1-       plyo merkans   Lt. Dan                        LBCs
2-      Wide arm          Bear Crawl                 American Hammers
3-      Diamond           Lunge Walk               Flutter kicks
4-      Stagger left       Burpee Broadjump  Reverse sit ups
5-      Stagger right    Crab Walk                  In and Outs

The goal was to get it all done OYO. But I forgot something when planning to push these men this morning.

We do not leave one another behind. So even though I was the slowest one there by a bunch, each trip had men coming back to get me.

I am continuously blown away by this group of men. I am two and a half years into this thing and it has been a while since I was the six. Today I was.

Yet at no time was there judgement. Every single time I was met with encouragement and joy. I was not a burden to be collected, I was a brother to be found. While it is possible that they just couldn’t read my writing, I think that there is more to it then that.

And that is the power of this F3 thing. I tried to push the men I was with, but they ended up pulling me along with them. We move forward as a group. When we all do better we actually all do better. And I know that without a doubt I am doing better than I was before I was blessed with this group.

And that’s why we have to give it away. Find someone who needs this. Talk to them. Text them. DM them. By any means. There are too many hurting people who just need to be a part of a community. Who need to be pushed. How many times have you heard request for strength, patience, wisdom, or some combination of the three in the COT? These are people asking for the support of a community. Where would they go if they could not go to this group? Would any of us be as well off as we are?

A candle is not lessened when it gives light to another. The whole room gets brighter.

It is our time to be the light in the darkness. Give it away.


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