20 w/ the Q (16 KB Swingers and 4 Runners)

    • When: 04/10/2018
    • QIC: Frying Pan
    • The PAX: Lucky Charm(R), Bull, Whitney, Red Bone, Turbine, Smiley Face(R), River Rat, Penny Pincher, Apache, Socrates, Jelly, SubZero(R), Bogey, Popeye, Fillini(R), Bounty, Sapper, Al Gore, Fryin’ Pan(Q), Samurai(R)

YHC’s morning started off great! I pulled into the parking lot a little “hot” because I’m in the rental and all my stuff is at the garage where my “Ole’ Bessie” is getting a makeover. Evidently someone lit the Bat Signal because Iron Academy was a popular spot today for super heroes of every sort. I did a quick head count of 14, plus four runners already in the gloom, mentally trashed my Weinke, and left the sandbag in the car.

After surveying the group, gasping when two others rolled up for the party, we circled up to do this thang we call “Swingin’”. Seeing no FNGs, we generally dispensed with the platitudes and formalities of our introductions, with the exception of me reminding everyone that I am po’ and you wouldn’t want to sue me anyway, we began our workout.

The Warm Up

Things got real, really quick this morning. After circling us up, YHC broke us up, and we moseyed around the Iron Academy campus before reforming back in the AO. I’ll jokingly say my out of character behavior, to Mosey – Me?, was due to Penny Pincher being there and the PTSD suffered in experiencing my first of his Qs at the Tavern last year but, in reality, it was the new Brooks running shoes YHC got last week from Academy Sports. YHC is breaking them in as fast as he can because the sales manager made the mistake of saying I could return them within 90-days with the receipt. (Whoops)

After picking up the Six (or performing planks) we performed several warm-up exercises…

  • SSH (10 counts) in cadence
  • Single Leg, static stretches (10 count) and repeat
  • L/R, R/L stretches (10 count)

We then Moseyed to the back of the Iron Academy campus where we did Wall Sits waiting for the Six, then lowered out seating position again, and then again, before moseying back to the AO, where everyone picked up the Six this time. Warm up now complete — time for the Thing.

The Thing

15 weighted KB swings each arm, repeat w/ 10 KB swings each arm, repeat w/ 5 KB swings each arm.

Wanting to work our shoulder complex, YHC instructed the group to hold the KB in an upright position along the ear and walk 40M, turn, safely lower and switch arms, raise back to the upright position and return to the starting point.

Somewhere in here, the mental Weinke escapes YHC, we assumed a Plank position and moved the KB from side to side with our alternating hands.

After returning to the starting point we broke into 2-Man teams and performed a 5-minute timed AMRAP; 1 partner performing weighted KB Deadlift to Thrusters, the other partner sprinting 40M, executing 5 Merkins, sprinting back to the starting line to tag their partner. The goal was to perform 100 Thruster movements, as a team, in the allotted time. Everyone accomplished this within the specified 5 minutes.

Returning back to our AO, YHC circled the group up and we began another decline ladder, this time of single arm OH KB presses; 15, 10, 5 reps and then immediately went to KB Curls; 10 and 5 reps. After completing this evolution, we dropped into a semi-squat position and did Figures 8s with our KB (25 reps) and then stood back up to perform Round the World for 25 reps.

Now being T-minus Seven minutes to the end, YHC dropped everyone down on their six for a brief AB Lab. We first did Single Arm KB presses (10 reps) when the Site Q, Whitney, chastised the leading Q, Fryin’ Pan, that this exercise was not engaging his core as indicated by announcement of an Ab Lab. The Site Q was informed that his Core should be “tightened” while performing this KB Press exercise ☺ but, in an effort to appease the Site Q, YHC next attempted to crucify the group with KBs. Assuming the “six inches” position with our feet, KBs were extended above our shoulders/head and held there. After a fun-filled period of time in this lovely position, we maintained our feet at six inches, brought the KB back up to an elevated press position for a brief respite, then returned back to the simulated crucifix position to finish the workout. After YHC grimaced out a weakened “Recover”, the workout was called with a minute to spare. (Good Times!)


  • Read Your Newsletter (Schrute)
  • Mastadon is May 11th — York Region; 12 miles, 12 stations recognizing all our different military services, Police, Fire, Rescue and government agencies dedicated to keeping our freedoms. Special theme this year to recognize 809. (Bounty)
  • Come See Me Races this weekend. (Pony Tail)
  • Great Falls Ruck Event. (Apache/Sapper)


  • Al Gore’s M; blood pressure
  • Winchester; health and recovery
  • Bashful; heart catherization, Pacemaker surgery, and recovery

Message of the Day was, but for a shortness of breath, meant to further elaborate on Avoiding the Truth; Acts 24:22-27.

YHC spoke about Felix and his wife Drusilla. How Paul was called to present to them but his reasoning about righteousness, self-control, and the coming judgement were too much for Felix to face in the moment and he sent Paul away from them. Felix, although quite taken by Paul, could not handle his “truth” and sought to avoid acknowledging it by removing Paul from his presence. We can never appreciate God’s grace until we first come to grips with our earnest need for it. What “truths” are you avoiding in your life?

I spoke about Conceit and what role it plays in our lives; Gal 5:26-6:5. We are called to bear our own burdens but also to walk with our Brothers, to help with their burdens as well. Are you haughty in how you approach your Brother in a time of need? Are you envious of another’s success because you lack confidence in your own abilities? It is easy to fall into a Superiority or Inferiority trap. In the end, “Each One Should Test His Own Actions”. (Gal 6:4)

In F3, we leave No Man behind, but we also don’t leave Any Man where they were. We pick up the Six, remembering that we were once the Six or acknowledging that we could be the Six in the right group setting.

Aye’, Fryin’ Pan Out!

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