20 @ Eagle’s Nest for an Anchor Bar fill in Q

    • When: 04/10/18
    • QIC: Anchor Bar
    • The PAX: White Hat, Goose, Polymer, Catfish, Ponytail (R), Honey Pot, Reborn, Herbie, Mr. Big Stuff, Jester, Moneybags, Danger Zone, Smokey (K), Mongo, PCH, JAG (R), Water Boy, Tombstone, Mud Puddle, Anchor Bar (R) (QIC)

At Independence on Monday, I told White Hat that I was ready for my Q at Eagle’s Nest the following morning.  He told me that I wasn’t scheduled until the following week but be at the ready in case I needed to fill in.  I was more than happy Q, if needed.  It’s always an honor and privilege to lead.

We got the party started with a few warm up exercises:

15 Side Straddle Hops IC

10 Windmills IC

15 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Low Slow Squats IC

15 Cherry Pickers IC


We moseyed to the far entrance to Alumni Drive off of Stuart Ave.  Here’s where the fun began.  We moseyed along Alumni Drive stopping at every other light pole to do 5 burpees.  The burpee fest ended at the Stop sign at Columbia Ave.

After a couple of 10 counts, we moseyed to the round about on Constitution Ave.  The pax circled up spreading out evenly around the round about.  All the pax started out in the plank position while one took a lap around the circle.  Halfway around he yelled out “six inches” where the rest of the pax would do as instructed.  When he got back to his position the pax would resume the plank position and the next would go until all had taken a lap.

After a couple more 10 counts, we moseyed to the wall by the loading/unloading dock at the DiGiorgio Student Union.  While I went to grab a couple of coupons, Mr. Big Stuff led the pax in some alternating Peoples Chair and Balls to the Wall and starting at both ends of the line each pax took turns doing 5 burpees.

Next we utilized my coupons getting back in the Peoples Chair position, we started one coupon at each end.  One end started with each pax performing 10 Overhead Presses and the other end started with 10 Bicep Curls until each coupon made it to the opposite end.

We moseyed over and deposited the coupons back in the pile and continued our mosey back to the AO for the COT.

We ended with the COT (Count-O-Rama, video Name-O-Rama, announcements and praises & prayer requests).

I closed out the morning with prayer.

– Anchor Bar out.

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