Kotter Camaraderie Convergence

    • When: 04/13/2018
    • QIC: Posh, Smiley Face, Toro, and Ponytail
    • The PAX: Padeye, Al Gore, Chuckie (R), Whitney, Roxanne, Cartel, Honey Pot, Horton, Socrates, Canseco, Toro (co-VQ), Smiley Face (R), Dawg Pound, Jelly, Olaf, Popeye (Remember 809), Posh, Apache, Walker (R), Herbie, Goldplate (R), Mayhem, Money Bags, Jag (R), Chisel, Corruption, Bulldog, Danger Zone, Anchor Bar (R), Schrute, Smokey, Jay Z, Crackerjack, Hee Haw (R), Water Boy, Festifun, Sapper, Lucky Charm (R), Iron Site, Jester, White Hat, Ringo, Ground Rod (FNG), Samurai (R), Blue Print, Cat Fish, Gauge, Toot Toot, Dial Tone, Fryin Pan, Ponytail (R), Italian Job.

Wow! Spontaneous convergence! Tclaps to Apache for this Kotter extravaganza week culminating in a 52 strong, including 1 FNG, convergence event. Tclaps to those who provided background support to Apache and this fast-moving adventure we call Kotter EHing. I would be remiss if I did not share my EH conversations, in particular, those I had with Toro. These conversation epitomize why it is necessary to do what we do and why this event is particularly necessary for all men.

As the Kotter challenge kicked off I had several guys that I could not get out of my head…Toro being one of them. I was able to plant the seed at church this past Sunday and a couple of texts later had him convinced to Kotter co- Q as his VQ. As we discussed his return, he shared that our conversations had brought him to tears. He went on to indicate that as soon as he had made his commitment to come back the cloudy sky’s parted and sun beams inundated him as if Sky Q was confirming his decision. You see, it has been 3 years since Toro has posted. During this time he has gotten married, gained 65 pounds and started having a myriad of health problems. But in the back of his head he could not let go of the OG who used to inspire him to push to new levels of physical and spiritual endurance. Never forget…each of you can change the world one relationship at a time and I am inspired by the faces I saw in our midst that inspired me to get off the couch. Let me finish by saying I will probably butcher the workout as the best laid plans changed multiple times right up to the COT…but such is life and we adapt and adjust.

The Warm Up – Posh out of Retirement
…and how quickly he reminded us of his original role as Old Town Site Q
SSH IC – A bunch
Wind mills IC Thank you
Burpees 10 OYO…I know, perfect warm up material.
Merkins IC 10
Mountain Climbers IC 10
Merkins IC 10
Mountain Climbers IC 10…did I mention we did not recover until that last set of mountain climbers.
Maybe something easy but I don’t think so nor do I remember.
Oh yeah, let’s finish with 10 more Burpees OYO>

That Thang – Smiley Face and Toro VQ

Double line slowsy and a little razzle dazzle as we split and came together in the center. Peoples chair with 5 merkin wave starting at each end. Did not take long for the thighs to start quivering so we doubled up to expedite the relief. Perfect execution and a great photo op that Popeye took advantage of.

Double line mosey back to the AO area for a 52 strong line of HIM’s for parking lot center line IC then slowsy to next line as a team adventure.

Merkins 10 IC

Next Line mosey

Toro called Apache led Seal Team sit ups.

Next Line mosey

Carolina Dry Docks 10 IC

…and somewhere around here we started calling out our recent Kotters to call and lead. I wish I could remember all of you and the exercises you called, but all I could think about was how cool this was to be a part of.

Double line mosey to Bojangles and line two ran around the building as a team with pick up 6 emphasis while line one knocked out Carolina Dry Dock IC until line two returned.

Rinse repeat with squats.

Rinse repeat with LBCs or Freddie Mercuries depending what group you were with.

Double line mosey back to AO for a JAG led pledge that continues to be one of those things that make us more than a cross fit group.

Circle up and let the Kotter’s know how much we miss them and hand off to Ponytail who led with a ¬†perfect verse…

1 Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Defines F3,defines this challenge by Apache…who I can hear in my head telling me nuff said!

Count off, name-a-rama, and give our FNG a great name. Welcome “Ground Rod” to the greatest group of men in Rock Hill and dare I say in the country.

Lots of announcements including one I forgot…if you available and willing, I could use you to come by 248 Emmett St. in Rock Hill tomorrow anytime between 8-11 AM to help Elevation Church and the Department of Juvenile Justice paint David and Johnnie McClurkins house as a part of Rolling with Rock Hill. We (F3) were specifically invited as a replacement for the City of RHPD.

We end with Chuckie and our prayers to our good and gracious God as many requests were lifted.

Thank you Polymer for the opportunity to Q and Apache for the spontaneous convergence that erupted .

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