Falcon-0 Speed workout

    • When: 04/19/18
    • QIC: Falcón-0
    • The PAX: Danger Zone, White Hat, Slow Pitch, Penny Pincher, Palmer, Vuvuzela

– started with legs stretching

– then warm up with a 1 Mile Run around the track

– the tang,

– 600m @ 5K pace follow by a 200m recovery jog (repeat this 4 times, some PAX did it 5 times)

– 200m @ max speed follow by 200m jog recovery (reapeat 2 times, some PAX did it 3 times)

– 100m @ max speed follow by 100m recovery jog ( repeat 2 times)

Cool down with a 0.75 Mile  run at your own pace.


Register for 5K Cannoli Run in Fort Mill On May 19 to suppor Speed For Needs.

Inviting PAX to Camino Del Río for Q passing flag, Canceco in Q.

prays and prayers.




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