F3 The Commons: Welcome Back Riddler Kotter

    • When: 04/20/18
    • QIC: The Riddler
    • The PAX: The Riddler, PonyTail, BluePrint, HoneyPot, Blueprint, Walker, Big House, Canseco, Smokey, Anchor Bar, Ryder, Reborn, Boomer, Hot Spot, Rasta, Chisel, Herbie, Iron Sight

It’s been about three months since I have been to an F3 workout. I have been running or walking a 5K everyday since January to maintain fitness. I will say that doing this 5K everyday thing is much harder without my brothers beside me.

I have a young child at home, so I have been busy trying to be a great father. I have had countless guys reach out to me inviting me to F3 over and over again.

Blueprint talked to me at a recent site q meeting, and invited me to Q. I finally decided it was time, and got my home coordinated to make it out to the AO.

The Commons has evolved over the last few months to be a hard workout to end your week. With that being said I wanted to bring a workout that I was not sure I could handle.



Sally Up Burpees

That’s 3 minutes of Burpees to start the workout to the Sally Up song. Definetly a crowd pleaser with several pax indicating they should have went to another workout haha.

Quick Mosey Over to Big Show Stage and Circle Up

Earth Shakers which are in and out jump squats to the

Song Selection – ThunderStruck

4 minutes

  • Started with Squats Between each ThunderStruck Earth Shaker, then Added High Knees to keep heart Rate Going

The Thang 

I informed the Pax we would be doing Tabata:

  • 20 Seconds Of Exercise
  • 10 Seconds Of Rest
  • Rinse and Repeat
  • 8 Rounds Alternating between two exercises
  • Total time around 4 minutes each set

Song Selection: AC/DC – Hells Bells

Tabata 1: Chest & Back



Exercise 1:

Run up and down big show 10 Squats at the top until the song Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park Ends about 3:30seconds if Hills with Squats


Tabata 2: Legs

Song Selction: Linkin Park – Numb

•Monkey Humpers

•Jump Squats

Exercise 2:

Run circles around court yard by the Big Show led by Honey Pot


Tabata 3: Core

Song Selection: Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

•Russian twists



Mosey Back To AO

Song Selection:  Any Way Want It – Journey

Song Selection: Back In Black – AC/DC

Tabata 4: Shoulders

•Morrocan night clubs

•Little Baby Arm Circles

Finished Final Reps with Side Straddle Hops.



It was a great feeling being back out with the pax the encouragement was overwhelming.

I spoke to the need of being in the Lord’s word, if you are not being fed daily how can you expect to feed your family. It’s important to go to the Word in your time of need, the Lord provided this tool for us to live daily. So I challenge each Pax to open the word, set the example, set the tone for your family.


Big House – Mother

Pax in Swamp Rabbit – Work Accident

Other Family Members, and any prayers I missed.

Thanks for having me BluePrint.

Hope to be out again sooner then later!

Riddler Out!

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