Victim of my own coupons!

    • When: 04/28/18
    • QIC: Vuvuzela
    • The PAX: Italian Job, BullDog, Walker, Canceco, Windex, Flash, NailPot, PacMan, Reborn, Backpack, Whitney, Vuvuzela.

Victim of my own coupons!!

it was a pleasure to lead this great group of PAX, I really think that we got something out of it, but my body is really sore today. “Victim of my own invention (bricks)”.

-Warm up:

– 25 SSH

– 10 Burpees OYO

– 20 Morrocan night club

– 10 Burpees OYO

– 10 Merkins

– The thang

– Mossie to running track

– full lap to the track alternating high knees, Butt kicks, Karaoke, go back to the starting line when coupons were waiting for us.

– team up on pairs and grab 1 coupon per team.

– Run with couopons around the track making 4 stops, in between the stations the 2 member of the team alternate carrying the coupon.

– station 1: 20 squats. Total of 40 squats, 20 w/coupon, 20 w/no coupon.

– station 2: 20 curls/20 merkins. While 1 pax is doing curls w/coupon, the other pax is making 20 merkins and switch.

– station 3: 20 Longes. Total of 40 longes, 20 w/coupon, 20 w/no coupon.

– station 4: 20 20 LBCs/20 CDD. While 1 pax is doing LNCs w/coupon, the other pax is making 20 CDD and switch.

– Rinse and repeat

– After reapeat this routing 2 times, get ready for the next routin.

– line up on 1 side of the football field, same 2 pax share a coupon and start with an 11s routing.

– one end of the field both pax do lounges with and without the coupon, on the other side Americans hammers with and without the coupon.

after finish with this routing drop the coupons for a little while and mosey to a grass hill.

– bear craw up to the top of the hill, then walk back down.

– Run backwards up to the top of the hill, and walk back down.

– repeat 3 times with a set of merkins in between.

– then grab coupons back and mosey to a school wall and do people’s chair with coupons 2 times with 20 seconds intervals.

– drop coupons and do 2 series of walls on the wall, second set PAX bear crawl under the other PAX.

– finally bring coupons back to COT and get ready for a last beautiful set of Jack Webs that all the PAX loved.



– May 12th Convergence

– Backpack’s mission trip to Colombia, collecting Backpacks and school supplies.


thanks all for let me Q the first Rock Hill AO. I hope you all remember this work out as one that really got the best out of you!

Vuvuzela out!!


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