She’s Lost That Lovin’ Feeling….

    • When: 05/01/2018
    • QIC: Danger Zone
    • The PAX: Anchor Bar, White Hat, Polymer, Bubble Wrap, Jester, Herbie, Gold Plate, Smokey, Stockyard, Bull, Money Bags, Crusader

Good conditions this morning…cool, but not cold, great running weather.

Warm up:

  • Right over left (10 count)
  • Left over right (10 count)
  • “Top Gun” themed exercise: The Charlie – (10 count plank, 10 count honeymooner, 10 count plank).

Mosey to flag pole, where Polymer led us in the pledge.

  • The Goose – Duck walk for 5 parking spaces, moving up into a squat at each line.

Mosey around to bottom of the Winthrop Amphitheater.

  • The Iceman – Bear Crawl to top, with ascending merkins on each step (1 at the bottom, 18 by the top).
  • Quick talk about defeating the Jesters in our life – sins of the flesh that keep HIM from reaching Acceleration (apologies to our own Jester who was with us).
  • The Air Boss – shuttle runs down the amphitheater levels, with a sprint on the bottom level (our fly-by, as it may be)

Mosey to loading dock.

  • Great Balls (to the wall) of Fire – Assume Balls to the Wall position. Merkin every time Jerry Lee Lewis Says “great balls of fire” as song plays.
  • The CAG – Australian Mountain Climbers (10x, suggested by RipStik, who conveniently skipped the workout)

Mosey to bottom of hill

  • Talk about VAPE (Vision, Articulation, Persuasion, Exhortation) for HIM’s (Viper as leader, VAPE, Viper…)
  • Partner exercise – the Cougar – One partner does Finkle Swings at bottom of hill while other partner Nurs up and Runs down – Rinse and Repeat until “Highway to the Danger Zone” quits playing

Mosey back to AO

  • The Maverick (Prison Cell Merkins 14x) Because only a prison cell merkin is as crazy as Maverick
  • American Hammers (14X)
  • LBCs (14X Cadence)

End with COT

Loved the opportunity to lead this morning, even though I woke up congested and felt like crap. Decided to theme my Q after Top Gun, because why not? Wanted to make sure that I got some words of wisdom in instead of just a workout, and I hope I succeeded. It was a pleasure to lead a group of HIM’s today.

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