No pain no gain

    • When: 05/03//18
    • QIC: Canseco
    • The PAX: Penny Pincher, Polymer, White Hat, Animal, Symba

It was a clear morning and perfect temps. Just enough moonlight to allow you to see the track. My first time at this AO and I wasn’t exactly sure how my plan would play out.

Quick disclaimer and then warm up.

Left over right, right over left, windmills In Cadence, then on our six to stretch glutes and hamstrings

High knees 50 yards, and butt-kickers 50 yards.

The Thang:

10 minute warm up at your pace.

One minute fast, one minute recovery x 10. Totaling 20 minutes. Stick with someone your pace who can push or pull you. Animal and Penny Pincher definitely pulled me. Wow, some serious speed between these two. Did I mention they’re 10 years younger than me as well.

Polymer gave a 10 count.

20 calf raises

15 low slow squats In Cadence

25 yards of lunge walk

25 yards of toy soldiers

We finished with 10 minutes of running at your cool down pace.


All in all we covered between 4 and 5 miles depending on your pace and push.



There were a couple times during this workout that I just didn’t feel like trying to keep up with Animal or Penny Pincher. But I kept reminding myself that it’s in that moment I become stronger. If I don’t push myself beyond my own comfort I will not get faster or gain the endurance needed to run at a higher level.

This is all relative for each one of us. We can find someone who will stretch us during a workout and make it a point to push ourselves. It is the same in life. Whether its at work, with family, or our spiritual life.  If we do the same old thing every time we will never see all that we are capable of.

Think of a way this week you can stretch yourself and do something out of your comfort zone.  You will be better for it.


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