5-5-2018 Planet Pain Respect Co-Qs

    • When: 05-05-2918
    • QIC: Anchor Bar & Samurai
    • The PAX: Walker (R), Herbie, The Situation, Moneybags, Dial Tone, Cartel, Beaker, Anchor Bar(R) and Samurai(R)
      Anchor Bar took the first half of the pain and started with
      Imperial Walkers
      Cotton Pickers (Dillon County Style)
      Windmills and then off to the races, mosey to York Road Elementary

      There the object was an Indian Run with a different flavor. The front PAX ran until catching the remaining PAX at a mosey speed. When the PAX caught the remaining PAX he got into a Plank position (resting from the sprint) until the remaining PAX made a lap, then rejoined the group This was a chore in itself and took the remaining time of the first half but well with the first half.

      The second half was called Tracktown, we moseyed to the ATC parking lot for a group of exercises then a lap of the parking lot then a second set of work was performed and another lap, you get the gist.
      25 Dips
      Jack Webb
      Then I asked a PAX to share with the group a little of what is going on in their life. What a great idea to get to know your brothers at a different level. We had from 18 years old to Respects chiming in and we all need each other's support each day.
      25 LBC
      25 Flutter Kicks
      6 Inches
      25 Alternating Arm Merkins 12 and 13 total 25
      25 Dips
      Little Baby Arm Circles
      Lap back to COT
      25 Freddie Mercury's
      25 American Hammers
      6 Inches

      After the Name-A-Rama we spoke about Whetstone and the upcoming convergence, Praises and Prayers.

      I shared a short story about what is holding us back. I will save you the entire story but a man passed a full grown elephant that was being tethered by a small rope. The man was amazed that such a large creature could be held by such a small rope. The trainer explained that when the animal was little the small rope was all it took to hold him from running away, so over the years the same rope was used to keep him from escaping. So this is what was keeping him from escaping.
      What is holding you back from being a better Dad, Husband, Son, Brother or Christian? Food for thought

      Anchor Bar and I both were honored to Q this fine AO and its 9 PAX.
      Samurai out

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