Island Hopping at ManU

    • When: 05/17/2018
    • QIC: Smiley Face
    • The PAX: Kenya (R), Lucky Charm (R), Big Fundamental, Italian Job, Gold Plate (R), Popeye, Deacon, Anchor Bar (R), Sir Purr, Polymer, Smile Face (R)

Truth be told I did not want to Q this morning. I have been struggling with an unusual stomach problem for about 3 months (of course nobody knows…men don’t share – we say everything is fine!) and it seems to be getting a little worse as time goes by. Don’t worry…Big Fundamental threatened me if he saw me again and I had not made an appointment with my doctor….appointment made big guy and thank you for the push. But this F3 thing breeds character through accountability and some of this mojo must have rubbed off on me because there I was standing in the gloom waiting for the Pax to arrive. Of course Polymer was out pre-running because he hates running but wants to get better, and Popeye rolled in and rolled out for a pre-run because it is never too early to prepare for the next P200. Disclaimer disclaimed and we are off…

That Thang

  • Right over left Pax 10 count, Left over right Pax 10 count, down the middle Pax 10 count, stretch to the right Pax 10 count, stretch to the left Pax 10 count.
  • SSH 25 IC
  • Hillbilly Walkers 9 IC
  • Imperial Walkers 11 IC
  • MNC IC
  • Slow mosey to the right side of the theater parking lot. Things you hear during a slow group mosey…oil slicks, video games and Spy vs Spy.
  • A little conversation with Pax regarding group accountability versus one on one Whetstone type accountability. Take the next step and get that guy to sharpen each of you.
  • Island hopping…the parking lines between two pieces of curbed line. When in the islands you lay out on the beach soaking up the sun…so we hit our six on the first island for 20 Big Boy Sit ups single count on my mark.
  • Hop hop hop to the next island (hence “Island Hopping”) and hit the beach again for 20 American Hammers  IC.
  • Hop hop hop to the next island for 20 LBC’s IC.
  • Hop hop hop to the next island for 20 leg throws OYO.
  • Pax deep dive Apache 10 count.
  • Mosey to the Books a Million wall with myself and Lucky setting pace…lots of Pax mumble chatter in the background, but the pace Lucky and I set had the wind whistling in the hairs of our respectable ears. (it’s a respectable thing)
  • Peoples Chair with Pax Apache 10 count share, followed by 20 Donkey Kicks OYO, followed by Peoples Chair with Pax Apache 10 count share, followed by 20 Low Slow Squats IC.
  • Slow mosey to front of Dicks for 20 calf raises OYO and a Deacon Apache 10 count that left me with cold chills. When a man finds the purpose God designed him for he can change the world.
  • Mosey to the end of TJ Max wall for a little peoples chair bear crawl to the end. Stop half way for Pax Apache 10 count share with leadership nuggets from Italian Job (beware of coveting F3) and Popeye (create margin for your M and 2.0’s)
  • Mosey to the fountain for Erkins 10 IC
  • 20 Step ups each leg.
  • Mosey to AO for a finishing stretch routine and COT. Video was botched, announcements made, praises lifted and prayers requested…close it out in Sky Q’s name.

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