A leisurely stroll to Richmond Drive

    • When: 05/18/2018
    • QIC: Herbie
    • The PAX: Rasta, Moneybags, Smokey, Jelly, Chisel, Danger Zone, Blueprint, Herbie

Disclaimer given.  It was drizzly, but not terrible.  No FNGs, so we got started.

20 SSH

15 Diamond Murkins

15 mtn climbers

15 wide grips

Bat wings IC:  20 forward baby arm circles, 20 reversed, 20 overhead claps

Mosey to back side of building to light pole

20 bomb jacks

Sprint to next light pole and back

20 jump squats

Sprint to next light pole and back

15 ripstick calf raises

Sprint to next light pole and back.

Mosey to East side of building for some utilization of the wall

People’s chair with 10 Merkins on outside moving to center


Donkey kicks

It was difficult to tell whether sweat was dripping or drizzle or a combination, but we moseyed on to Richmond Drive.  Fortunately for us, Moneybags knew the area well enough to redirect me a street over as I got a little off with my internal navigation.  We arrived at the basketball court at Richmond Drive and:

Sprinted to end and back

10 Mt climbers IC

Bear crawl to end of court

We had a near bad injury as Chisel turned an ankle because of a hole in the grass, but fortunately he was ok.

Partner up and (7 pull-ups/assisted pull-ups or hang downs)

15 derkins

Mosey back to AO with some good mumble chatter

15 derkins

50 LBC

15 American hammers

5 burpees OYO

Shared a word on margin. Talked about perspective of taking care of ourselves physically emotionally and spiritually.  Living each day with eternal perspective.  Being willing to say no to things and not getting stressed out with things that don’t matter in terms of eternity.   Thankful to have my brothers around to encourage me and honored to Q.  Thanks Ironsights and Blueprint



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