Coming Together

    • When: 5/29/18
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Shrute, Canseco, Big Fundamental, Herbie, Hot Sauce, Ringo, Ponytail (R), Honey Pot

8 HIM’s of the Rock Region unfartsacked themselves on a humid morning and decided to go for a run at Wall Street.  As the appointed hour drew near, YHC explained to the gathering PAX that we would have a quick warm-up and head out towards Winthrop so that’s what we did.  No FNG’s were present so a quick disclaimer was disclaimed and we got started with the warm-up, a few SSH and a few more Cherry Pickers, followed by some broga.  We rolled out of the AO and headed up India Hook towards the school

The Thang –

Several of the PAX were setting a great pace and did a great job of periodically circling back to check on the six and get in some extra distance.  After a bit, we hit Cherry Road and crossed with the utmost safety and headed towards Tillman to meet up with the men posting at Eagle’s Nest.  YHC & Apache were the Q’s today and we planned a mini convergence of sorts.  Our 2 groups rolled up at almost the same time as planned and once we were gathered we all recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  Apache reached out to RipStick to lead us for a few exercises and he proceeded to lead us in way too many calf raises for our running group.  Apache then tapped YHC to lead the leaders of the Rock Region and we did in cadence SSH, seal jacks & Merkins.  YHC then reached out to “anybody who has never Q’d” and one of our newest brothers Billy Bass stepped in and led another set of Merkins.  This is what F3 is all about – cultivating leadership.  Great work by all!  Great time working out for part of our morning with the men at Eagle’s Nest.  Before we rolled out to run a few more miles, YHC shared the following verse with the PAX

I Corinthians 14:26

What then brothers, when you come together, each one has a hymn, a lesson, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation.  Let all things be done for building each other up

This verse seemed very appropriate today as we gathered.  While we all come from different towns, different families, and different life experiences, when we are together, we are one.  Everything we do should be to build each other up.  Leave a positive influence on those whose paths we cross

The men of Wall Street said our goodbyes and we headed back down Oakland and turned left on Ebenezer.  We stopped at the orthodontist office near Food Lion and gather around the light pole for an active recovery which included some planking and a set of shoulder taps.  We finished our time together and headed back to the AO.  Once again the cheetahs did a great job of periodically circling back and running with the six, and grabbing some extra distance.  Altogether we got in 4.5 – 6 miles

Wall Street is a great AO and if you’ve never posted there I encourage you to do so.  Step out of your comfort zone and post up.

We closed out the morning with announcements, prayers & praises.  Each man shared with the group something on his heart.  I re-read the verse I shared earlier and encouraged guys to always Build each other up

Thanks Big Fundamental for the opportunity to lead this morning.  It’s always an honor to do so

Ponytail out –

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