A Day of Elevens and Sacrifice Remembrance

    • When: 05/28/2018
    • QIC: Walker
    • The PAX: Bill Nye, Anchor Bar (R), Boomer, Penny Pincher, Tinker Toy, Mayflower (R), Vuvuzela, Toot Toot, Smokey, Jester, Rasta, Canseco, Walker (R)

Twelve high impact men joined YHC for some boot camp work at  Old Town on Memorial Day.   Thanks for posting brothers!  Here’s what we did.

Warm Up:  Slow mosey to the parking deck (Hot Box)where we performed SSHs, MNCs, and Squats.

Workout:  We conducted 3 different “Eleven” workouts using the following exercises:

Eleven 1:  6 count burpees and LBCs

Eleven 2: Squats and diamond merkins

Eleven 3:  Calf raises and pike presses

After the elevens, we moseyed to the top of the Hot Box where we performed the following:

Flutter Kicks:  50 in cadence

Freddie Mercury: 40 in cadence

Heels 6 inches off the ground for approximately 90 seconds

Naked Man:

John 15:13  New International Version (NIV)

13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

As we all know, Memorial Day commemorates those men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice and laid down their lives for our country.  Because a country is more about its people rather than the land itself, these brave souls actually gave their lives for us and we should always remember that.  I, as a military veteran,  have a deep respect for those men and women who are willing to make this ultimate sacrifice.  Let us never ever take for granted our military service members, law enforcement members, and first responders (fire and rescue personnel).

COT:  We moseyed back to the COT for announcements and prayers.  Special thanks to Canseco (and Reborn) for letting me lead the workout on this special day!

Walker Out!

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