• When: 06/05/18
    • QIC: Polymer
    • The PAX: Anchor Bar (R), GoldPlate (R), Tombstone, Jag (R), Padeye, Van Damme, White Hat, Crusader, Smokey, Ripcord, Dial Tone, Apache, Cracker Jack, Samurai (R), Jack Hammer (R), Toot Toot, Danger Zone, Mayhem, Herbie

20 HIMs showed up to Eagle’s Nest trusting in YHC to lead them in a workout and take a step closer to being better men. No pressure, right. The PAX were surveyed and no FNGs were present so the Disclaimer was given and the 5 parts of an F3 workout were reviewed and we got to it.
Warm Up
  • SSH – 20 (4 ct)
  • Left Over Right (10 ct)
  • Right Over Left (10 ct)
  • Don Quixote (aka Windmill) – 20 (4 ct)
  • Stretch to Right Leg (10 ct)
  • Stretch to Left Leg (10 ct)
  • Stretch to Center (10 ct)
  • SSH – 20 (4 ct)
The Thang
  • After the warm-up, we moseyed to Tillmans Loop to 10 minutes of You-Against-You. The recommended exercises were:
    • Run Tillman’s Loop,
    • SSH,
    • Plank Jacks,
    • LBC’s.
    • The PAX could do any combination of these exercises for any number of reps. The idea was to push yourself to be better.
  • Cracker Jack and Tombstone led us in an “Apache 10-Count”
  • JAG requested that we do the Pledge of Allegiance since we were standing at the flagpole in front of Tillman Hall. YHC agreed and JAG led us.
  • We then moseyed over to Stonehenge for the following:
    • 20 Step-ups (10 each leg)
    • 20 Irkins
    • 20 Dips
  • After finishing at Stonehenge, we moseyed over to Scholar’s Walk where we did the following exercises between light poles:
    • High Knees to first Light
    • Karaoke to light then face the other way and Karaoke again to light
    • Butt Kickers to light
    • Shuffle/Slide Step to light then face the other way and shuffle again to light at steps.
  • We transitioned down the steps and acquired a coupon of choice from the pile. Once again we did a 10-minute Timer with the following choices of exercises:
    • Run Figure 8
    • Overhead Press
    • Tricep Extensions
    • Bench/Chest Press
  • We then moved to the grassy hill and did:
    • Nur uphill
    • Run back down
    • 10 Low Slow Squats
    • Nur uphill
  • As time was short, we moseyed to COT for Name-o-Rama, Announcements, and Prayer/Praises
    • Announcements
      • Hog & Coyote
      • Newsletter
      • Business Luncheon @ FBC Rock Hill Wednesday, June 6 at 12 Noon ($2 for lunch)
    • Prayer/Praises
      • Anchor Bar’s M has a 9:10 am interview today (Tuesday 6/5/18) for a principal position
      • Several of our PAX are dealing with injuries.

There was no time today to share what was on my heart, so if you are still willing to continue reading, I’ll share it here. Friday, I was reminded of God’s provision in my life in a very concrete way. I had to run to AutoZone because I have had a reverse light out on my car for about 2 months. I’ve been slack at replacing it and had some time on Friday afternoon so I was going to check something off the to-do list.  On the way there, my car starting acting very strange and cutting off, the gages were on and off, radio and air conditioning too. I nursed the car to AutoZone and went inside to get my light bulbs and when I came back out, the car was dead. I got AutoZone to check the battery and they figured out the alternator was dead. Now I was in quite the hard place. My M was in Columbia for the weekend with the 2.0s and I had a car that wasn’t going anywhere. I called a friend who is a mechanic and he suggested a friend of his who works at York Tech. The friend was able to work on the car on Friday night if I could get the part. AutoZone had the part and AAA got me to York Tech. My friend came over to York Tech and the two of them got my alternator in the car in a little over an hour.

It was a huge reminder to me of how God works in our lives even when we aren’t paying attention. It also reminded me that we have a choice in our reactions to our situations. I could have been mad and frustrated and could have let a dead alternator ruin my weekend, but instead, I decided to focus on all the ways that God protected me and provided along the way. Men, we cannot always choose our circumstances, sometimes things happen that we do not want to deal with or go through. But we can choose how we look at it and how we react to the situation we find ourselves in. Keep your eyes on the Father and choose joy.

Polymer Out.

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