Coming June 22nd…. F3 Fia Mixer!!!!

    • When: 06/22/18
    • QIC: F3's Jelly and Fia's Beehive/Chef
    • The PAX: Everyone is welcome

June 22nd 2018 7-9pm = F3/Fia Mixer

Topic is Nutritional Struggles (Absolutely No Supplements/Products/Systems/or Sales)


Fia and F3 never have many social engagements together so our goal is to have a group a strong men and women get together forum style and share our struggles.  A lot of people have the question of why am I working out so hard and the pounds wont go away, so our goal is to support one another, give some educational information, and Fia’s Chef will do a mini cooking demo so everyone can get some tips and tricks on how to prep and be successful.  Light snacks will be provided, childcare will depend on the amount of children that will be in attendance so HC’n will be very important because we may arrange for a babysitter for a small fee per child or figure out a way to do it free (either way the goal is also supporting families getting healthy together so don’t let childcare be a hindrance because we will figure out something for you!


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