Honey Pot VS Bill Nye

    • When: 06/06/18
    • QIC: Honey Pot and Bill Nye
    • The PAX: Schrute, Kashmir, The Big Fundamental, Conseco, Herbie, Rip Cord, Triad, Red October, Gold Plate, Kelvin, Tinker Toy, Maestro

As site Q it is my fear that things will get stale at my site and people will stop wanting to come. It turns out the word of the month is change. Change can be terrifying and exciting. These two adjectives are not mutually exclusive.

This morning at PHOP we tried a little something different. A change, if you will. A Q VS Q workout.

Q VS Q is an opportunity to have two Qs at a workout pushing the PAX to get better. We always do you vs you. This is an opportunity to do a little more than that and provide a double snot woggle.

Honey Pot was gracious enough to help me out with this little fantasy.

After 7 men engaged in a pre-run we circled up. Disclaimer was disclaimed. Deuteronomy 31:5-6 shared and change briefly discussed.

Tha Thang:


  • 12 quick SSH- IC- Bill Nye
  • 5 Prison Cell Burpees- OYO- Honey Pot
  • 5 True American Merkans- OYO- Bill Nye
  • 20 Seal Jacks- IC- Honey Pot
  • 10 Big Boys- OYO- Bill Nye
  • 10 LBCs- IC- Honey Pot

Bill Nye Q

Partner up into pairs with a massive Cindy. 20 partner leg presses each. Then 20 partner leg tosses each. Plank for 6.

Grab the Cindy and mosey to the parking lot. Partner 1 Crawl bears dragging the cindy with him. Partner two does 3 burpees and then bear crawls after partner 1 until he catches him. Flapjack. Go to the end of the parking lot and back. Plank for 6.

Mosey to the field. Partner up into 4s! One person grabs the big cindy and “sprints” across the field. The other three alternate between shoulder taps and Makhtar Ndiayas while waiting on the return of the runner. Pass the cindy and continue until all have finished. LBCs for the 6.

Finally Jack Webbs. With bricks. Each set adds 4 overhead claps and one merkan. We did three sets and then it was time to hand off the Q stick.

Honey Pot Q

Honey Pot had set up a variety of stations with tires to flip or a big cindy, phone pole, or 80 pound sack to toss. You would toss and then alternate between burpees or bombjacks while your partner did the other. Repeat at each station until both of you have done 4 burpees.

Mosey back to the parking lot and grab a partner. Wheelbarrow the way down doing 2 merkans at each of the white lines between the parking spots.

Clean up


Voting time.

It was a pleasure to be a part of this process today men. Both YHC and Honey Pot brought it pretty hard. But it turns out no one actually likes the Crawl Bear Cindy Drag. This was enough to give YHC the edge and be declared the winner of the first Q vs Q!

Who among you is next to take on another brother, provide a wicked beating, and be held accountable by the PAX? If there is interest we could do this thing again.

But not tomorrow. My arms hurt.


Bill Nye

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