7’s at The Tavern-Accelerate

    • When: 06/07/18
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Gold Plate, Bubblewrap, Slow Pitch, Hot Sauce, Herbie, Pescador, Jester, Smokey, Ryder, Reborn

It was an honor to be asked by Ryder to Q at this great AO again on this cool summer gloom. YHC always enjoyed this AO when when driving here didn’t take 25 minutes. 9 of Rock Hill’s finest HIM’s decided to join YHC today.


We began the morning with the F3 disclaimer and I had the PAX state the 5 core principles for us. Then we started the Warm-Up with the following in cadence: Side Straddle Hops; Low Slow Squats; Merkins; and Peter Parker Peters. We then continued across India Hook to the front of the Harris Teeter where we performed High Knees, Shuffles, Karaoke, and a quick sprint to continue to warmup. We finished our warm-up at the beginning of the first row of parking spaces at the front of HT.


HT has 12 rows of spaces all different lengths starting from the west end being longer than the east. So we started our day with a series of 7’s at each row. The exercises were called out as we went and when we were complete all PAX had a full body WO.

OMAHA: Due to the strength of the PAX, I decided we could go the opposite direction with the harder exercises first with less recovery time. So, read the list below.

The exercises at each row are below:

Row 1-Merkins & Squats; Row 2-CDD’s & Lunges; Row 3-Wide Arm Merkins & Reverse Lunges; Row 4; LBCs & Freddy Mercuries; Row 5-Diamond Merkins & Lateral Lunges; Row 6; Pike Presses & Sumo Squats; Row 7-Dips & Calf Raises; Row 8-Flutters & V-Ups; Row 9-Blast off Merkins & Jump Squats; Row 10-Shoulder Taps & Jump Lunges; Row 11-Prison Cell Burpees & Bombjacks; Row 12-Big Boy SitUps & Hello Dollies.

YHC requested that all PAX assist other PAX finish each row before moving to the next.

We got through six rounds. Great work men.

We then took the short mosey back to the COT. When we arrived at the COT we completed some of the other exercises on the list for the last two minutes.


I have been reading and seeing a lot of quotes or passages recently in multiple sources about ‘comfort zones’. A common theme outside of the Bible is that you need to get outside of your comfort zone and do good. However, I believe we as created beings were specifically and wonderfully made to excel within our comfort zones. Over time your comfort zone might expand, but if we are constantly trying to do things outside of our comfort zone, will we ever do anything good? Maybe we need to focus on how and why SkyQ has made us and do our best to accelerate there.

A quote I once heard is we need to ‘Bloom where we are planted’ (Jon Hoots). This means that SkyQ makes you and places you where He wants you to do good for Him. Do your best to Accelerate within your comfort zone today.


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