sometimes plans change

    • When: 6/13/18
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Ponytail ®, Hot Spot, FNG (Darth), Ringo, Big House, Chisel, Jester, Van Damme, Popeye, Iron Sight

9 Him’s of the Rock Region were greeted on this morning by an FNG who brought himself to BTC.  He told us that he had been meaning to check out F3 for a while and decided today was the day.  YHC provided a disclaimer before the warm-up that we were a peer led group and everything was just a suggestion.  With business out of the way, we got started with the warm-up and strolled out to First Baptist.  The plan this morning was a final run before the Hog & Coyote this weekend and mix in some boot, but that changed.  YHC decided to mix it up spur of the moment and get in more boot.  First we headed over to the courtyard at York Tech and we did a set of dips, Irkins & Dirkins, followed by some flutters and box cutters.  Then we moseyed out front where Popeye led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Then we moseyed down to the small fish pond in front of the school and did another set of dips, steps ups each leg, and Merkins, all IC.  Great work by all the men.  During the quick recovery, I asked our FNG “Why today?, What made him decide to come out today?  He shared with us that he has goals to be a better man, a better husband, a better father and wants to lose weight and learn more about nutrition.  Thank you brother for your candor & we’re glad you came today.  Next we moseyed out back across the street to the new health care building in front of the BTC and circled up in the big circle out front and did some slow Merkins, more ab work and a set of seal jacks.  Then we rolled out and found some wall on the big warehouse at the front of the property.  Popeye remarked that this was the first place we came to when the BTC was first reconned.  We did people’s chair and each man performed a set of Merkins down the line, followed by a set of seal jacks.  Time was getting short so started to head back to the AO and Iron Sight had to leave a few minutes early to attend to his family.  We closed out the morning with some lunges and toy soldiers


Lastly, we gathered for COT and named our FNG, welcome Darth.  At this writing, HIM came back out today and posted a second day in a row at Man U.  We had a good laugh this morning that I Q’d his first 2 workouts & he hasn’t hit me yet.  Welcome to F3 Darth!


We closed out with announcements, prayers & praises & Name-o-Rama


Thanks Iron Sight for the opportunity to lead today – it’s always an honor to do so


Ponytail out –

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