One year ago…

    • When: 06/21/18
    • QIC: Polymer
    • The PAX: Italian Job, Popeye, Trinity, Socrates, Sapper, 155, Burgundy, Fairy Feet, Anchor Bar (R), The Big Fundamental, Kenyan (R), Watson

It was an absolute honor to lead 12 of F3RockHill’s finest HIMs in the gloom this morning on the day before my 1-Year F3 anniversary. I started the morning off with a 3.2-mile pre-run. If you had told me this time last year that I would be pre-running before a workout, I would’ve laughed in your face. The first morning I posted in the gloom was at ManU (6/22/17) for a 155 Q in which I very nearly Spilled Merlot. I was so spent I couldn’t even do the final run from the theater around by Chili’s back to the COT. SmileyFace walked with me to Books-A-Million and back. I was so tired that I went home, took a shower, and went back to sleep for about an hour before going to work that morning. But I came back the next day at Petra, and just kept posting. So today’s Q was designed after that first beatdown I chose to participate in.

  • Warm-Up
    • 20 SSH (IC)
    • Rt arm stretch in Front
    • Lt arm stretch in Front
    • Rt arm stretch behind head
    • Lt arm stretch behind head
    • Feet spread stretch to Right
    • Feet spread stretch to middle
    • Feet spread stretch to Left
    • 20 SSH (IC)
  • The Thang
    • Mosey to the middle of parking lot and around to Fountain
      • 20 StepUps (10 each leg)
      • 10 Irkins
      • 10 Dips
      • 10 LBCs
    • Take a Lap to Theater and back
      • 20 Seal Jacks
      • 10 Dirkins
      • 10 Dips
      • 10 Hello Dollys
    • Take a Lap to Theater and back
      • 20 Plank Jacks
      • 10 Merkins
      • 10 Dips
      • 10 Flutter Kicks
    • Mosey to Theater
      • Partner Up and do the following with timing mechanism being a lap around the parking circle.
      • 200 Pull-Ups
      • 200 SSH
      • 200 American Hammers
I shared a word about Change with the PAX as we caught our breath. This past year, I have changed. I am down 15 lbs and 1 pant size. I am in better shape. I have increased energy throughout the day. I have started pre-running 2-3 miles before most workouts. But I have also changed emotionally and spiritually. I have made new friends/brothers who I know I can call if I need something. I have guys who pray for me and regularly ask me how I am doing and they don’t want the standard answer, they really want to know. I am a better man for having become a part of F3.
In tribute to 155’s beatdown, we finished with a mosey by Chili’s and Panera back to the COT. This time, I ran (mostly ran anyway) with the PAX.
    • Mosey to COT
    • Ab lab for the last 4 minutes
  • Closing
    • Name-o-Rama / Announcements / Prayer/Praises

I’ve come a long way in 365 days (today was my 128th F3 post), but I’m not done yet. Thank You to all who have pushed me in the gloom. You have all been a huge encouragement to me and I pray that I have been able to pay back at least a fraction of that encouragement to you. #BetterTogether

Polymer Out.

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