8 @ Planet Pain for Anchor Bar’s 2 year Anniversary Q

    • When: 06/23/18
    • QIC: Anchor Bar
    • The PAX: Ponytail (R), Speed Racer (R), Brubaker (R), Walker (R), Kenyan (R), Toot Toot, Trinity, Anchor Bar (R)

The rain that came through the area last evening made for a pleasant morning.  The heat was down and it was a bit breezy as three Recpectibles mets met early for a two mile prerun.  As the time got close to the 0700 hour, it looked like we might be and all Respect crowd, but at the last minute two younger pax showed to see it they could hang with the Respects.

Before we got started a disclaimer was given, then we got started with a few warm up exercises.  As we finished the first exercise, it the theme for the day quickly became apparent.  All exercises with the exception of one were done to a count of 24 to represent my 24 months in F3.

Side Straddle Hops IC

Moroccan Night Clubs IC

Imperial Walkers IC

Cherry Pickers IC

We moseyed around the front of Northwestern HS and around to the backside to the bus loop.   The first routine was a board of pain.  The plan was to perform one of the exercises and take a lap around the bus loop and after every third exercise perform 6 burpees.  After the first exercise and lap, I determined that we were going to run short on time if we continued with that pattern, so we Omahaed to perform a group of three exercises and 6 burpees before taking a lap.  Walker did not hear that we Omahaed, so he continued with a lap after each exercise until he finally caught on that we had modified.  Here are the prescribed exercises all done OYO:

24 Carolina DD
24 American Hammers
24 Merkins
6 Burpees and a lap
24 LBC
24 Left Arm Extended Merkins
24 Freddy Mercuries
6 Burpees and a lap
24 Right Arm Extended Merkins
24 Flutter Kicks
24 D Merkins
6 Burpees and a lap
24 Hello Dollies
24 WA Merkins
24 Rosalitas
6 Burpees and a lap


We moseyed to the center of adjacent parking by Main Street.  I gave an explanation of the next routine had how it became significant to me.  My first Saturday post two years a go was at The Patriot where Turbine brought us to The Crossroads.  I explained that it was fitting for me because at the time, I was at a crossroads in my life physically.  Up until two years ago all my physical activity had consisted of running and I had beat up my body, to the point where my left big toe was slightly broken.  I had seen an orthopedic surgeon who was recommending surgery with a six month recovery or modifying my exercise routine.  After an invitation from Mr. Big Stuff, I decided to give F3 a try.

I went on to explain that one time or another we probably all have been at a crossroads in our life, faced with change.  It is comforting to know we can bring our fears of uncertainty of change to the cross and lay them at the feet of Christ.  This Crossroads is performed in the shape of The Cross.  We started in the center and worked our way to the head of the cross, back to the center, to the foot of the cross, back to the center, etc …  Each time we were at the center we performed 6 burpees:

LS Squats
24 IC
Run to /
Nur Back
24 IC
to / from
6 BurpeesSide Shuffle
to / from
24 IC
Nur to /
Run Back
24 IC

We moseyed to the front of the school by the entrance to the courtyard and found some wall.  I gave the quick back story how I received the name, Anchor Bar.  When I first posted, I told the pax that I was originally from Jamestown, NY.  No one knew where Jamestown was located, so I went on to say it was about 70 miles south of Buffalo.  Someone chimed in and mentioned a restaurant in Buffalo called The Anchor Bar.  It’s claim to fame is the first to prepare chicken wings as we know them today.

I introduced the pax to my Hot Wing contest.  My favorite wing joint back home would hold hot wing eating contests where participants would eat as many as possible of their very hottest wings until there was one man standing.  My version of the Hot Wing contest is Balls To The Walls and hold the position as long as possible.  It will definitely make your wings burn.  Today’s winner was Ponytail.

We moseyed to the next parking lot for a little cooldown exercise.  We lined up on the line at one light pole and lunge walked to the next light pole.  We moseyed back to the AO for a little AB Lab.

We finished up the workout with Ring of Fire Burpees, two rounds.  That made our total burpee count for the day 50.

We finished with the COT – Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, announcements, prayer requests & praises.

I closed out the morning with prayer.

Thank you, JAG for the opportunity to lead.  As always, it is an honor and priviledge.

Anchor Bar Out



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