A Lot of Change in a Year

    • When: 6/22/18
    • QIC: Polymer
    • The PAX: Lucky Charm (R), Jelly, Catfish, Kenyan (R), Festifan, Cashmere, Static, Windex, Clark Kent, Pescador. Ponytail (R), Gold Plate (R), Al Gore, Whitney, Captain Kangaroo (RR), Smiley Face (R)

  • Warm-Up
    • 10 SSH
    • 10 Seal Jacks
    • 10 Don Quixotes
    • Legs spread Stretch right leg
    • Legs spread Stretch middle
    • Legs spread Stretch Left
    • Stretch Rt arm in front
    • Stretch Lt arm in front
    • Stretch Rt arm behind head
    • Stretch Lt arm behind head
    • 10 SSH
  • The Thang
    • Mosey to Kenneth Shuller
      • 11’s Overhead Claps & Squats running up hill to Chic-Fil-A
    • Mosey to Wall
      • Wall sit 10 count
      • 10 Irkins
      • Wall sit 10 count
      • 10 LBCs
      • Wall sit 10 count
    • Mosey to Parking Lot
      • Stretch
        • Feet together down
        • Legs spread down center, Rt, Lt
        • On 6
        • Rt leg over Lt
        • Lt leg over Rt
        • Butterfly
        • Rt ankle on Lt knee and pull left leg towards chest
        • Lt ankle on Rt knee and pull towards chest
        • Sprinter Stretch with Rt knee to chest
        • Sprinter stretch with Lt knee to chest
        • Downward Facing Dog (heels flat)
      • Run two parking lot lines then nur back one
    • Pledge of Allegiance
    • Ab Lab to close
  • Closing
    • Name-o-Rama
    • Announcements

Today marked my 1-year anniversary in F3. The first day I posted (ManU 6/22/17 for a 155 beatdown) it was all I could do to finish the workout. But a great Rock Region HIM, Smiley Face, dropped out of the PAX and helped push me through to the end, and then he even invited me back the following day to Petra. Now, a year later, I’m the site-Q at Petra. A lot has changed for me in a year and F3 has been a huge part of that change. Thank You to every PAX I have worked out with over the past year. You have made me a better man. Don’t stop, I’m not finished yet!

Polymer Out.

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