Be the Impact

    • When: 6/25/18
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Anchor Bar (R), Atticus, Toot Toot, Shrute, Big House, Unitas, Rocky, Static, Kenyan (R), Sapper, FNG (Magic Mike), 155, Waterboy, Herbie, Jack Hammer (R), Rip Cord, Smiley Face (R), Ponytail (R)

18 HIM’s gathered today at Independence to get their week started off right.  Monday is a great day to post, because for me, it sets the tone for the week.  Coming off the weekend, being intentional to post, frames the day and the week.  I got the call to lead the workout today on Sunday from Smiley Face as circumstances changed and he needed to find a replacement Q.  I was all too glad to help HIM out and jumped at the chance to lead today.  This would be an opportunity this morning to have an Impact on others & it was great to see so many other guys decided to post this morning.  One of those guys made it his first time out, he was a FNG.  So in addition to making him feel welcome, we provided a disclaimer and a review of the mission of F3 along with the 5 core principles.  The other guys were all too willing to help.  With the disclaimer disclaimed and business out of the way, we began the warm-up which consisted of SSH, seal jacks, cherry pickers & other light stretching –

The Thang

With the warm-up completed, we rolled out and headed to the front of Tillman Hall where Sapper led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Next we headed over to the circle in front of the DiGiorgio Center and started with some core work which included planks, shoulder taps & flutters.  Then we lined up in 2 lines at the light poles along the walk & YHC explained to the PAX that we would be making our way down the walk and changing up at each light pole.  Included here were Toy Soldiers, butt kickers, Lt. Dangers, shuffle left, shuffle right, bear crawls, crab crawls in rotation.  After we reached the end of Scholars Walk and after a 10 count, we made our way in front of Byrnes Auditorium where the Ryder led Old Town crew joined us for a surprise mini convergence.  We circled up together and Ryder led us in a few mountain climbers, plank jacks and I called out for some Real Americans.  We tried to do these in cadence buy YHC kept messing up the count so they were OYO.  The guys from Old Town peeled out for some more miles and we returned for more boot.  We gather at the stone benches in from of Byrnes and did a set of calf raises, dips and Irkins.  Then we rolled out the low stone wall behind the Science building and after a 10 count, we did a set of leg lifts on the wall x 15 – OYO.  Next we headed down the grass area where the coupons lie and Smiley shared an opportunity with the PAX to make an impact at Pilgrims Inn.  He recently had the opportunity to work with the leaders there through his church and they told him they really like working with those F3 guys, “because they get stuff done – they either do it or know others that can”.  Now that’s making an Impact!!  Never miss an opportunity to make an Impact.  Then we each grabbed a coupon and did a set of curls, rows, shoulder presses and finished with tricep extensions.  Time was beginning to run short so we headed back to the circle where we started and closed with a set of shoulder taps IC.  YHC explained to the PAX that our workout was ending like it began and it was a bit of a metaphor for life.  Your day, week or life begins & along the way you will face difficulties & obstacles, but you stay positive – you persevere – you encourage those around you – you make an Impact!!  All too often we are quick & ready to suggest a movie, a book or a place to eat, but are we as quick to share with others what Christ has done for them and how he has impacted your life??  My challenge today was to be the Impact & never miss an opportunity to make an impact on those we encounter.  We closed out the morning by heading back to the AO and concluded with Name-a-Rama and named our FNG, welcome Magic Mike.  We finished up with a few announcements and prayers & praises and closed in prayer.  Thanks Smiley Face for the opportunity to lead today, for the opportunity to have an Impact – it’s always an honor to be asked to lead


Ponytail –

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