Freed from Me

    • When: 07/02/18
    • QIC: Canseco
    • The PAX: The Big Fundamental, Ringo, Hot Spot, Herbie, Penny Pincher, Smokey, Schrute, Tinker Toy, Kelvin, Popeye

Mosey to First ARP parking lot.


•25 SSH in Cadence
•Assume Plank Postion
•6 Inches
•Right Hand High
•Left Hand High
•20 Freddy Mercury’s in Cadence
•20 Shoulder Taps in Cadence
•Draw Bridge Calf Stretch
(All the above while never breaking plank)

Mosey to Fountain Park:

We did the following across the field:

•Bear Crawl
•High Knees
•But Kickers
•Combo (Prison Cell Merkin/Lt. Dan’s)
•Jail Break
•Find a ledge….20 step ups each leg

Mosey to the Hot Box:

(Partner Up with someone your speed.)


•Run to the top 20 reps

•All the way back down through the stairwell for 20 reps at the bottom.

•Each group responsible for calling their own exercises.

•Duration of 25 minutes.

Back to the COT.  We had 1 minute left so we held 6 inches until it was 6am.  Just then Popeye and Ringo reunited with us from a morning run.


Independence Day is upon us.  The day we recognize a pivotal moment in American History when the original 13 colonies declared independence and freedom from the British Crown.

86 changes and 56 signatures later the final draft was complete and adopted.

This got me thinking about our Spiritual Independence and Freedom.  Freedom from the very thing that causes all the worlds problems.  That is sinful man.  You and me.  We mess it up all the time everyday but we still have hope and our hope isn’t in man or documents.

If you have been adopted into the Fellowship of Him who has conquered the power of sin and death for all of mankind you have been freed from your biggest enemy.  That enemy…….yourself. And I am pointing the finger at myself too.  This hope is made available to all who call on His name for the forgiveness of sins and new life.  But, we must  continue to lean and trust upon Him who is able.  (Thanks for the key note Tinker Toy)

That’s why the gloom is important.  It is a constant reminder to each man as we break ourselves down that we are all broken vessels without God and each other.  We have to keep pointing each other to Him who is able.  For His glory and our joy in Him shared with one another.  This is what we were created for.

Galatians 5:13 English Standard Version (ESV)

13 For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.


Prayers and Praises

As always I get more out of leading than I can give.  Thanks men for just showing up.





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