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Greetings PAX!

At the behest of the F3Nation, we are excited to announce a new initiative coming soon to the Rock Region.  Starting Monday, July 9th at Independence we will host weekly ruck workouts alternatively at each of the Rock Regions fine AO’s (see schedule below).  These workouts will begin and end at the simultaneously with the workout at the predetermined location.  Anyone, with a ruck or without, is welcome to attend; we should have half a dozen spare rucks on hand at each workout.  PAX: HERE’S WHERE WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need Q’s for each of these workouts.  If you require direction on the types of exercises for ruck workouts, please see GoRuck’s Facebook or YouTube channels:


7/9 Independence
7/16 Old Town
7/23 Night @ the Museum
7/31 Eagles Nest
8/7 Wall Street
8/14 The Iron Academy (Kettle Bell)
8/22 Padre’s House of Pain
8/29 Boom Town Central
9/5 Bunker Hill
9/13 Man U
9/20 Tavern
9/27 Wally World
10/4 Falcon-0
10/12 Petra
10/19 The Veteran
10/26 The Commons
11/3 The Patriot
11/10 Camino Del Rio
11/17 Planet Pain
11/25 Hills of Gloom

Don’t know much about rucking? That’s absolutely fine! Just show up and you’ll be rucking like a pro in no time!

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