Hardcore Triple Threat Match

    • When: 07/18/18
    • QIC: The Riddler, Dawg Pound, Bill Nye
    • The PAX: Schrute, Speed Ball, Kelvin, Unitas, Taken, Gold Plate (R), White Hat, The Big Fundamental, Pony Tail (R), Red October, Pac Man

Today was a special day at PHOP. A battle of the behemoths. A colossal clash of the cavernous creatures.
A VS match between the non founding Site Qs of a legendary AO.

11 PAX joined to see how awful it could get. And it did get pretty bad. CSAUP levels of bad. The Qs tried to see how much nasty they could fit into a 12 minute time span.

Bill Nye- SSH and Low Slow Squat- both IC
Dawg Pound- Imperial walkers and Hillbilly walkers- both IC
The Riddler- Earth Shakers and Prison Cell Burpees- both OYO

The Riddler- Chronologically 1st site Q, so he took the helm

  • Burpee Broad jump the field
  • Mosey to the North corner of the church for 10 burpees, 10 prison cell burpees, 10 flying squirrels
  • Mosey to front the church for 10 prison cell burpees with leg kicks (henceforth known as disco burpees)
  • Mosey to the South corner of the church for 10 flying squirrels and 20 Earth Shakers
  • Mosey to the back 40 for 5 Earth Shakers, 5 flying squirrels, 5 burpees, 5 prison cell burpees

Dawg Pound- Took the Q stick and ran us to where the tires were ready and waiting. Divided us into 4 groups for

  • Each man flips a tire 6 times while his teammates alternated between Lt. Dans and lunge walks for basically the entire length of the field.
  • One man would carry a cinder block over his head the length of the field while the others performed an exercise that he selected. I saw mekans, flutter kicks, LBCs, SSH, alternating shoulder taps, and all sorts of other awfulness taking place.

Bill Nye- Having seen the bar set up so high, he knew he would have to bring it.

  • A set of quick merkans: normal, wide arm, diamond, offset left, offset right. All IC to 5
  • Brick mosey to the back 40 for curls and goblet squats- IC
  • 6’s for the remainder of time. Start with 5 burpees on one side, bear crawl down, 1 merkan, Crawl Bear back. Anytime someone got to a set that had the number 2 in it (either 4 burpees and 2 merkans or 2 burpees and 4 merkans) they drag the block with them.

After a quick clean up the criteria was explained and the voting began. It did not take the Supreme Court to decide this case. The Riddler was very quickly announced as the winner due to having a high level of difficulty and a high level of creativity.

While the workout is still lingering with me 14 hours later, I think that several other things will linger far beyond the cramping in my arms:

  • When The Riddler spoke about sharing burdens and experiences with other men it stood out to me as a major part of community building that F3 does that can be easy to gloss over. We all struggle and no struggle is totally unique. In our group we have people who have suffered loss, addiction, depression, and basically any other struggle you may encounter in life. Reach out and find help. You know where we are. But, there is also a certain amount of onus upon the ones of us who have experienced these things to find those who are currently suffering them and show that there is a tomorrow and a way out. Things do get better.
  • Several HIM in the group would not stop despite the crazy levels of crap being flung this morning- Pac Man, Taken, Gold Plate- each one working at it with a smile this morning.
  • The 2nd F was strong this morning. Mumble chatter did not even stop for burpees.

Mostly I just continue to be blown away by the fact that there is a group of men that are so motivated to get better that they show up and put in the grind well before sunrise together.

While Riddler may have won the competition, it is hard to find anyone that showed up this morning who actually lost today.

Bill Nye

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