Trash Day

    • When: 07/14/18
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Ponytail, Gauge, Blueprint, Face Off, Iron Sight, Apache

I had the opportunity to lead today at one of the finest AO’s in all of the Rock Region, Camino del Rio.  If you haven’t yet posted out there I suggest you do soon.  There’s a lot of space to roam and many great options to enjoy.  Get in touch with Gauge & get on the Q schedule.  The Sweatie was taking place over in Fort Mill so I wasn’t sure how many guys we would have, but Gauge & Blueprint rolled in and we decided that since it was just the 3 of us, we would go exploring / running so that’s what we did.  After some light stretching and a warm-up we rolled out

The Thang –

First we headed out toward the BMX track and headed over to the bleachers where we did a set of Irkins & dips and then ran up and down 4 sets of the stairs.  Gauge broke out a trash bag and shared with the group that he brought a bag because the week prior when Pistol had led, we noticed a lot of litter and he shared with the group that today he wanted to leave the AO better than we found it.  Along the way, we took turns passing the bag around and picked up trash on the grounds.  Thankfully, there wasn’t near the amount of litter this day as there was last week, but we collected what we could.  Remember, we are guests at the AO’s we employ and we ought to strive to leave these locations better than we find them – Aye!  After finishing at the bleachers, we headed out to the front of the property near Aldi’s but stopped along the way and in honor of Blueprint – my Whetstone partner, we did a set of alternating shoulder taps, and my personal favorite, flutters.  Next we headed down Cherry Road, got some trash along the way and moseyed over to the Pump House parking lot and found some lonely coupons, so we did sets of curls, rows & tricep extensions.  During our recovery we each shared what was going on in our lives and thankfully, it was largely trouble free.  It was here that I encouraged the guys that when you hear about other guys struggling with whatever life situation they might be in, it’s an opportunity to share and grow – so reach out to that man, share your own personal experiences and lead from wherever you are.  Turn obstacles into opportunities.  Time was getting short so we rolled out and started heading back to the AO.  It was here that we ran into Iron Sight & Face Off, or was it Face Off and Iron Sight – I still can’t tell them apart when they are together.  They launched from a different location and were out running looking for us.  The 5 of us headed back to the AO and as we were going through announcements, Apache rolled up to get the shovel flag back to Gauge and joined us for the Name o Rama and I shared with the PAX the following verse

Ephesians 5:2

Walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God

Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for us, he lived & died for our sins so that we could live eternally through him.  I encourage the PAX to love others as Christ loved us and honor his sacrifice.  We closed with announcements, prayers & praises.  Apache was feeling the spirit this morning and ‘Pray jacked’ the closing and closed out the morning with thoughtful prayer.  We enjoyed a good laugh after.  Thanks Apache for leading where you are!  Thanks Gauge for the opportunity to lead today, it’s always an honor –


Ponytail out –

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