Out of the comfort zone at Bunker Hill

    • When: 08/01/18
    • QIC: PawPaw
    • The PAX: Mongo, Rasta, PawPaw, Prodigal, Jack Hammer, Bubble Wrap

I’m a natural introvert, and good at it too. So, I really mean it when I say thank you to PCH for the opportunity to come out and Q. It means a lot to me for personal growth and I for one benefit tremendously from the 2nd F aspect of each and every workout. That being said, let’s get to it.

The PAX rolled in with two from a prerun (nice work, btw).  After I was reminded this AO started at 5:15, we began with a little warm up.

SSH, cherry pickers, maracas night clubs, sllooowww Q count merkins

Then a little mosey to grab some Wall. Sitting on the Wall for a nice long pax led 4 x 10 count (with some added lowered seat for extra push).  This is always a good break for some quality mumble chatter.

next…balls to the wall.  Then a bit of a mosey, exploring this fine AO our a quiet secluded cul de sac, where the pax engaged the core with some mountain climbers in cadence, and some very low and slow squats. Moseying back toward the COT we stopped for a long bear crawl followed by a round of urkins, durkins, and dips. Then back to the COT to have some fun with the Q ball of pain. It was background story time while the Q ball was beating us down, a couple PAX giving some personal background stories (this is the part I really enjoy). Finally we finished up with some more stories through clenched ab lab teeth.

Announcements.  Prayers were spoken and unspoken with a sweaty BOM.

Again I say as YHC thank you to PCH for the push out of my comfort zone to lead and to Bogey for the original turkey punch for me a couple years ago. Shout out to all the PAX in my circles who give that EH we all need. And finally the most important thanks to our Lord and Savior without which none of it isn’t possible.


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