Shield Lock, Shoulders, and Calves

    • When: 08/03/2018
    • QIC: Smiley Face
    • The PAX: Polymer, Anchor Bar, White Hat, Kenyan, Triple Lindy, Gold Plate, Mr. Rogers, Roxanne, Hawkeye, Sir Purr, Captain Kangaroo, Dr. Who (FNG), Hot Sauce, Smiley Face

Got a call from Cat Fish asking if I could step up and take his Q at Petra this Friday as he was going to be DR helping family. I have been diving deep into Shield Lock with the 43 Feet podcast and knew this was one of those moments where you can choose to fart sack on your brother or accept the DRP that is a leader within F3. The threat of rain obviously kept attendance low…news flash…outside rain or snow! The only time the Site Q or QIC should stop the 1st F is in the event of lighting or ice. This outside thing is one more way we develop mental toughness and leadership…you think this life is easy? Ok Ok…nuff of that stuff. Just show up!

That Thang

Imperial Walkers 10 IC

Hillbilly Walkers 10 IC



Little Baby Arm Circles 20 IC

Shoulder Claps (Thanks for the idea Polymer) 20 IC

Low Slow Squats 10 IC

Rip Stik Squats 10 IC

Circle up shoulder to shoulder for a Pax 5 count calve raise times 14.

Mosey to the covered area on the right side of the shopping center:

10 Erkins

10 Dips

Rinse and repeat 2X

Mosey to parking lot and circle up for Plank Jacks 10 IC.

Plank five count shoulder tap by each pax while pax held plank…circle of fire kind of thang.

Mosey to rail at Big Lots where Pax performed the following:

10 Calf raises

10 Carolina Dry Docks

20 Calf raises

20 Carolina Dry Docks

30 Calf Raises

30 Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey to covered area just past Big Lots for a Pax led Ab Lab by those who have yet to Q started by YHC.

Heel Taps 10 IC

Triple Lindy LBCs 10 IC

Mr. Rogers Flutters 10 IC

Partner up for Dora Partner 1 run to back of Mattress Firm, 20 Calf Raises run back while Partner 2 performs exercise:

100 Carolina Dry Docks

200 Squats

300 Rip Stik Squats

Mosey back to AO for a White Hat led pledge and end with FNG naming (Dr. Who) and other COT tasks that make this a F3 thing special.


I have been a part of this F3 thing for over 3 years now and anybody who has been around for awhile knows that I have been under achieving! I have not truly embraced the DRP and my King cannot overcome the dominance that I allow my Queen (look it up). I am finally getting tired of the status quo…I reached a weight goal (under 200 pounds) at least 2 years ago and have stayed a fluffy 194 or so for the past two years. The madness has to stop and it is up to me and those I choose to shield lock with. Choose the wrong shield lock and you will not move. So I am starting the change, pre-run before the workout, portion control on food and beer/wine (Queen hates it but it has to happen) shield lock with another pre- run guy or two, listen to the 43 Feet podcast and read and properly interpret the Q Source. Finally, shield lock with others who struggle with the same thing. Thank you Pac Man for starting this weight accountability thing. Thank you Dredd for sharing that your King’s acceleration cannot compensate for your Queens deceleration. The journey to 175 begins.

Smiley Face


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