Battle of the Balds

    • When: 8/1/18
    • QIC: Ponytail vs Pacman
    • The PAX: Shute, Riddler, Red October, Slow Pitch, Honey Pot, Kashmir, Taken, The Big Fundamental, Blueprint, Herbie, Ponytail, Pacman


12 HIM’s showed up a for a battle of the balds as it was PonyTail vs Pacman in what I would soon find out would be a shoulder beatdown that I would remember for many hours to come.

Circled Up

Ponytail gave the disclaimer and called the first two exercises

Side Straddle Hops
Seal Jacks

YHC called the next 2

Plank Jacks
Mountain Climbers

Pony Tail then surprised me and called merkins then I surpised myself and called diamon merkins!

After this Ponytail took the lead and we moseyed to the other side of the church where we formed two parallel lines in plank position and did partner hand claps as the two pax at the end of the line bear crawled to the front in an indian run style crawl. Then rinse and repeat.

Moseyed to the main parking area partnered up and each group grabbed a pair of cinder blocks. Ponytail had various exercises written on the parking lot spaces and one partner moseys down the sidewalk behind the church with the two cinders in a farmers carry as the other partner does the exercise. We had squats, burpees, chains, and other painful terrible things. We made it through two rounds each partner and then had to move due to time.

Moseyed to back corner of the parking lot and Ponytail had set up an incline bench with a pair of dumbells, Ponytail calls an exercise while the pax on the incline knocked out 20 reps. We did burpees, merkins, flutter kicks, prison cells, Six inches and a few others until all the pax had a turn on the incline.

YHC took over and we moseyed back to the main parking lot and grabbed a cinder block each I brought out my seconds app and we did some intervals training – 45 seconds on 15 seconds off. Alternated between cindy and then cardio

Tricep Extensions
Side Straddle Hops
Bomb Jacks
Upright Rows
Diamond Merkins
Overhead Press

Then went into Captain Thor which is a 1:4 ratio of big boy sit ups and american hammers with the cinder block.

After this we went right into block webs and by then it was time to clean up the site. (I cut it off to clean up at around 3 till 6 as my shoulders were about to give up on me.)

It was my first time being able to Q at P-Hop and it was an honor to co-lead with Ponytail. We had tons of great mumblechatter and laughs along with a great workout, I can’t think of a much better way to start the day. Until Next Time!! – Pacman

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