This Backblast almost didn’t happen

    • When: 08/07/18
    • QIC: Bill Nye (Run) Catfish (Ruck)
    • The PAX: Ponytail (R), Schrute, Pac Man, Sandlot, The Big Fundamental, Ryder, Paw Paw, Smokey, Iron sites, Honeypot, Penny pincher, Catfish, Blueprint, Bill Nye

This backblast almost did not happen.

Tha Thang:

The short version of it is that this is a running AO. I picked out a 5.2 mile route that could be shortened or extended slightly based on what people wanted.

There were also a group of ruckers who covered a few miles and did some ruck bootcamp.

The runners ran and the ruckers rucked.

I got hurt and was escorted back to the AO. Where I lay on the ground for a while.

And that is the backblast- in terms of the exercises completed.


The theme for this month is Commitment. F3 is a commitment. Every day that I post is a commitment to my family (to get and stay strong physically and mentally), to my brothers (to push and sharpen those that I can), and to myself (to be better than I was last week).

I had decided to not write a backblast because there was so little to say and I am in pain. But committing to be a Q means that I agreed to write a backblast. Many other men do not do it, but does that mean that I should drop my standards? If I do not hold myself accountable and push through to see things to the finish, then what example am I setting for my brothers of the gloom? For my son, who will use me as a guide for what a man should do?

On Tuesday, August 7th I was joined by 13 other men who wanted to get better. By not writing a backblast I would be not honoring my commitment as a leader. Not in some cheesy and emotional way. Most people will not read this backblast. Even if the entire world did, I do not think that these few sentences are going to change somebody’s life and make them a better person.

I do not possess that power.

But none of that eliminates the fact that 14 men gathered and got better this morning. The others deserve to have their actions and efforts indelibly etched in my consciousness and posted on a public forum for the world to see because it is not easy to get up and do this thing some mornings. It is beyond many people.

That is why we do backblasts. To record the history and share with the entire world that on this day men gathered to sharpen one another. To push one another. To get better.

This backblast is a small thing, but enough small things add up greatly. A second is just a second. But enough of them add up to a life. We should not ignore little things simply because they are small. We should approach them with the tenacity and care that all important things deserve.

Just some thoughts from a man who has written a backblast for every Q he has ever completed.


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