Running in Circles with Purpose

    • When: 08/09/18
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Rasta, Animal, Mongo, Mario (FNG), Simba, Penny Pincher, Reborn

The honor to lead 6 of Rock Hill’s fastest HIMs at Falcon 0 on this date was all mine. We had some great fellowship and even greater running.

This morning YHC had planned to bring back what Sir Topham Hat did here back in March when YHC was vacationing in the mountains. I did on that day find a track and do the following, but I was all alone. It just wasn’t the same.


After the F3 disclaimer, a short warmup we did the following:

1-Mile Warmup; Dynamic Stretching; 1-5 Min. Run @ 10K Pace & 4 Min Recovery; 2-4 Min. Run @ 10K Pace & 3 Min. Recovery; 3-3 Min. Run @ 5K Pace & 2 Min. Recovery. Cool down.

We then stretched some to prevent injury while YHC shared the following:


Do you ever  feel like your life is full of to many commitments to where you are completely ‘running in circles’ all of the time. This was a struggle for me about 4 years ago which eventually led down a slow incline that quickly turned into a Black Diamond ski slope. What I had to do (or was forced to do) was to step back for a moment and set some priorities in my life starting with what was my purpose.

Before I did this my perceived purpose was to be in control of all things that were in my life. Not that I had to control them, but that I had the feeling to want to. When I was removed from the environment I was in, it made sense to me that my purpose was much larger than the circumstances I was in.

Today, we had purpose for running around a track for 5-7 miles. It was to make all of us better and faster. It might not seem that way now, but every time you run hills or sprints, you are getting stronger. You are becoming a stronger runner.

In life we also have a purpose. Ultimately, it is to glorify God in all we do and say and in how we act. Once we do that, He will  make us stronger to live a life full of blessing and struggle that leads to blessing. Every time you allow God to be glorified through your purposeful living, you are becoming a stronger HIM in the communities you are associated with.


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Trash Pickup Day-Sat. 1000 @ Flash’s Fireworks

Region Wide Whetstone Cornhole Tournament-Sept. 8-1230-1530 at Rock Hill Brewing Co.



Penny Pincher: Pastor’s Daughter.

Mongo: Friend’s Family.

Mario: New position at work and starting school.

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