Commitment – Lucky Charm Style

    • When: 08/13/2018
    • QIC: Lucky Charm
    • The PAX: Boomer, Bull, Scarecrow, Jackhammer, Sonic (FNG), Static, Ryder, Samurai, White Hat, Magic Mike, Al Gore, Triple Lindy, Old School, Socrates, Gold Plate, Hawkeye, Bogey, Anchor Bar, Lucky Charm

Got a great reminder a week ahead of time from Smiley and the newsletter that I was on Q at Independence so I had time to focus both on my word and my beat down. Commitment – The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity. The definition then led me to consider…can you be too committed? With that said I wanted to chat about the good and the bad of commitment, but first…

That Thang

Left over right followed by right over left 10 count.

15 windmills IC



Apache 10 Count

Mosey to the flag for a Bogey led pledge.

Apache 10 count.

15 Merkin IC

15 Imperial Walkers IC

15 American Hammers IC led by Bull

15 LBCs IC led by Static

Mosey to stairs

Apache 10 count.

1 minute Toe Taps

10 Derkins IC

30 Calf Raises OYO

15 Low Slow Squats IC

15 Monkey Humpers IC

20 Hillbilly Walkers IC

Focus Factor – What are you overly committed to:

WORK; F3; MONEY…Mosey followed by a Apache 10 count.

15 Mountain Climbers IC

15 Shoulder Taps IC

6 inches for 50 seconds thanks to White Hat!

Mosey to COT and stretch.


Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Regardless of your commitment cause a Proverbs 16:3 heart always ensure your focus is true.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

Lucky Charm

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