What’s stopping you?

    • When: 8/10/18
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Anchor Bar (R), Polymer, Socrates, Festa Fun, UGA, Hee Haw (R), Fudd (R), Triple Lindy (R), Atticus, Gold Plate (R), Rip Cord, Dr. Who, Hawkeye (RRR), Voight

15 HIM’s of the Rock Region gathered today at Petra for my first Q there in quite some time.  Petra was the second place I had the opportunity to lead a little over 2 years ago.  I was glad when Polymer asked me to lead because it had been some time since I had the chance to do so.  It’s always an honor to be asked to lead and today was no exception.  We started off the morning noticing that there were no ruckers gathering today but we moved on to the warm-up which included SSH, IW’s, Cherry pickers and some light stretching and then it was time for the main event

The Thang –

We strolled across the street to the parking lot in front of Big Lots and eased into the workout by moving from long parking line to line with Toy soldiers, lunge walks, Lt. Dans, and shuffle L & R.  Next we moseyed up to the front of the parking lot in front of the Subway, near Cherry Road and did some great core work which included flutters, Rosalitas, box cutters and chop sticks.  With our cores fully engaged we moseyed over to the rail alongside the delivery area next to Office Depot and did sets of Irkins & Dirkins.  Just when I cautioned everyone to watch your head – I banged my own on the low rail.  Then we moved over the wall and did People’s chair with each end moving to the center and each man did 5 Merkins each – then rinse & repeat.  It was that time that Triple Lindy informed the group that he had lost his keys.  We figured that he might have lost them where we last were so we moseyed back over the area where we had just finished our core work, and there they were.  Since it was about the middle of the workout, I extended the recovery period and shared the following with the PAX something I had recently been reading about and wanted to share in the hopes that it might help someone.  The story was about the 5 biggest Obstacles to Personal Growth and they are as follows:

1 – Giving others criticism too much weight

2 – Giving up too soon

3 – Being indecisive

4 – Procrastination

5 – Letting fear drive your decision making

Often times when things are difficult we find or look for reasons to stop, change or quit.  If we listen to the naysayers, or that little voice in your head saying “It’s OK to quit”, or just keep putting it off, we can convince ourselves that it is OK, we’ll just do it later.  Don’t let these Obstacles stand in your way.  Don’t listen to others.  Set big goals – write them down – and then decide on how to get it done – then go about doing it.  Triple Lindy shared with us that he had just graduated from college 2 weeks prior and what a great witness this achievement was for the morning.  If he had procrastinated any longer, or worse gave up, he wouldn’t be able to say he what he shared with us.  Well done brother –

Ask yourself this question – what’s stopping me?  Get beyond it – Get after it!!

Done with my time sharing, we moseyed over to the other parking lot with the high wall and did Al Gore while waiting for the Six.  Once everybody arrive, we paired up and took turns muscling up over the wall, 2 for an even better push which the other partner did squats.  We got in 3 rounds and time was running short, so we headed back to the COT.  We closed out the morning with some announcements along with praises and prayer concerns.

Don’t procrastinate – get started today what you’ve been putting off

Thanks Polymer for the opportunity to lead today – I am humbled for the opportunity


Ponytail out –

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