Coasting or Commitment

    • When: 08/21/2018
    • QIC: Smiley Face
    • The PAX: Anchor Bar, Pot Roast, Pac Man, PCH, Jack Hammer, Deputy Dog, Tombstone, Gold Plate, Bubble Wrap, Old School, Popeye, Samurai, Sir Purr, Prodigal, Ponzi, Cracker Jack, White Hate, Sapper, Smiley Face

I was pumped up when White Hat offered me the opportunity to Q Eagles Nest. This is one of the original AO’s where I learned the suck of the gloom and the bane of my existence otherwise known as “running”! I vaguely remember Cat Fish coming back to pick me up and wondering how in the world did he run and talk at the same time as I was doing all I could to suck air in my lungs and not pass out. But I digress….so on with That Thang:


10 Merkins IC

10 Mountain Climbers IC

10 Shoulder Taps IC



10 Imperial Walker IC

10 Hillbilly Walkers IC

Mosey to the front to the Wellness Building (Gym) where I discussed commitment and the my personal journey in F3. I shared how I allowed the Sad Clown inside me to keep me on a moderate routine where no acceleration occurred and no weight was lost. I shared the importance of shield lock and accountability…weigh in every Monday and how I have increased my acceleration and have subsequently lost 10 pounds.

We partnered up for Dora where partner 1 acted as timing mechanism as the runner going up right side stairs, across front of Gym, and down the ramp to partner 2.

100 Merkins

200 Carolina Dry Docks

300 Shoulder Taps

After knocking this out I had all the guys who have not yet been on Q give us an Apache 10 count. All I can say is we have some awesome HIMs coming out soon to an AO near you. These guys are ready accelerate their King and with it the region.

Quick time check from Gold Plate was confirmed when Popeye and Samurai ran pass us toward the AO. I had so much more pain lined up, but the timing mechanism in conjunction with my Dora routine sucked about 30 minutes off the clock. Quick mosey to the wall for a little People’s Chair with bookend 10 count merkins and then a little chat about humility, being a HIM and String Bean. A quick mosey back (for some…I am not a runner) to the AO. It was awesome to meet a bunch of you as I usually post in other areas and I enjoyed seeing the new faces. COT was completed and we ended in prayer for those spoken and unspoken request.

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