Self Control is Key

    • When: 08/21/18
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Schrute, Iron Sight, Blueprint, Big House, Sandlot, Ponytail (R), Smokey, Big Fundamental, Walker (R), Honeypot, Posh, Tinker Toy, Pescador, Draper, Herbie, Boomer, The Riddler, Reborn

It was an honor again to lead such a fine group of 17 HIMs on this humid summer gloom. The dew point was high and so was the energy of the PAX, so YHC knew it would be a sweatfest and a grand time.


There wasn’t much of a warmup, as I was asking the PAX to get warm as they arrived. After the F3 Disclaimer we did the following:


This morning YHC told the PAX that we were going to head down India Hook toward the intersection of Ebenezer Rd. I requested that the PAX who were a little faster pay attention to the 6 and continue to loop back to check on them. Upon arrival at the intersection we commenced to making Herbie get out of his car, as he was on his way to Eagls’s Nest, and met up with Honeypot. We each then did 6 hill repeats up and down Alexander Dr.

After the Hill Repeats, I discussed the NMM of the day. Then we went to the front of Oakland Baptist Church and performed Merkins, CDD’s, Blast Off Merkins, Lunges, & Lateral Lunges (all in cadence).

We then ran down Ebenezer to Herlong and back to the AO. We arrived right at 0600.


Self Control is a key to success in all aspects of life. Without self-control a man is sure to be blown to and fro by the wind of the Big Ball. Self Control ensures that we will be stable in all we do because it keeps us focused on the attainable goals we are attempting to acheive.

It allows us to run the races we are training for without giving out in the end due to over exertion at the beginning. Without self-control any man will take off out of the gate as fast as possible, but won’t be able to finish the race due to lack of energy.

Notice the two words here: Self and Control. Self is “a person or thing referred to with respect to complete individuality.” Control is “to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command.”

So self-control is the exercising restraint or direction over yourself. Maintaining self-control in life will allow you to be consistent in all areas. This consistency will make others trust you and allow you to be an effective leader in the community.


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