The Owens brothers pair up to put a twin beatdown on the Patriot.

    • When: 08/25/2018
    • QIC: Shane Owens / Jay Owens
    • The PAX: Iron Sight, Face Off, Jelly, Peach, Excalibur, Mini Phelps, Red October, Jester, Kenyan, Scarecrow

The Owens brothers (Iron Sight and Face Off) put a beating on us this morning at The Patriot.

Iron Sight started us off with some rapid fire warm up exercises and 1 mile mosey to get the legs warmed up. Then we went down to the track for some real fun.

He brought us to the end zone, where he explained that he or Face Off would call out an exercise for us to do in the end zone and then a method of getting to the 50 yard line (think sprints, bear crawls, karaoke’s, Lieutenant Dan’s, etc). Then we all would mosey back to the end zone to rinse and repeat.

To get things started, Iron Sight called out 10 burpees in the end zone and a sprint to the 50, with a mosey back.  There were merkins, explosive merkins, carolina dry docks, and all kinds of other pain that my sub-conscience has protected me from the memory of.  Our last exercise was 5 back to back 50 yard sprints.

We finished back at the AO for some much needed stretching and the COT.

In the end, we all got a great workout and fellowship.


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