Dark Helmet Vs Penny Pincher

    • When: 8/22/18
    • QIC: Penny Pincher VS Dark Helmet with a Cheddah Ruck Q
    • The PAX: QvsQ
      Honey pot, The Big Fundamental, Toot Toot, Pony Tail (R), Dark Helmet (Q), Kelvin, Tinker Toy, Herbie, Taken, Penny Pincher (Q), Bill Nye
      Twister (R), Deputy dog, Cheddah (Q), Windex (Happy Birthday!), OTG (FNG), Kashmir, Catfish, White Hat, Gold Plate (R)

Last week PHOP was the place to be.

Cheddah came across the river and delivered a terrible beating to a group of crazy mother ruckers. Sand bag toss burpees. All sorts of awful ruck things.

Also had Penny Pincher and Dark Helmet doing some QvsQ action.

Penny started us off. PAX got into groups of two. Partner 1 performed a merkan variation (with a 100+ reps) while the other man performed an ab exercise (around 50 reps). When partner 2 finished his ab work both partners finished the merkan variation together.

Take a lap around the church and then grab another sheet. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

When Dark Helmet took over we moseyed to the shed and grabbed a cindy.

Circle up and perform overhead presses equal to the age of the oldest member of the PAX. 54 (respect). In cadence. Followed by a short mosey.

Curls equal to the age of the next oldest member of the PAX. 47 in cadence. Followed by a short bearcrawl pushing cindy.

42 was the next burn out. Still in cadence. Followed by a hair burner (both hands on cindy, bearcrawl/push it as fast as you can).

Then it was time to clean up and vote.

Big shout out to Dark Helmet for winning this one. The bar has been set high by these guys.

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