• When: 08/29/18
    • QIC: Taken versus Gold Plate. VQ v. New Site Q
    • The PAX: 9- HIM:

Taken started off his VQ Gear Workout with 5 minutes of warm ups and did a great job with cadences. He then commenced his 20 minute portion of the workout with a Cindy Circuit, using the long route around the church as the timer. Circuits included Cindy Burpees, Cindy toes smashers, Cindy Curls, Cindy Halos, Cindy American Hammers, Cindy push outs, Cindy Presses and another Cindy station but I was getting to wiped out to remember that one. Ha. Everyone completed the circuit-within the 20 minutes.

Gold Plate had everyone mosey to the front of the church to start the Game Show Boot portion. Each HIM took a turn flipping over an exercise card. (15 different exercises) Then flipping over an exercise count card. (Counts started at 0 and went to 50 in increments of 5). All exercises were done in cadence including the 35 count Bear Crawl- but not the 15 count and final 25 count Burpees (Thank You site Q Bill Nye for that 25 count).  There was a Jail Break card to sprint around the church mixed in. Ha

Once all the Cindy’s were ushered into the shed, Bill Nye had the PAX vote on the best Q for the day. (Being the teacher that Bill Nye is, he’s all about keeping score on that stuff) The vote was unanimous that Taken’s VQ had Taken the Day.

Bill Nye also relinquished The Site Q and Prized Shovel Flag to Gold Plate to complete the morning.

Many Thanks to Bill Nye for an Awesome job as Site Q at PHOP and for setting the Rock Region standard on Q versus Q workouts. 

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  1. You are going to rock this AO brother. I feel comfortable knowing that the best AO in the Rock Region is in good hands. Your creativity and drive will ensure that great things take place on Wednesday mornings.
    Let me know when you need a Q!

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