The Hindenburg Blimp lands at Camino Del Rio

    • When: 09/08/18
    • QIC: Toot Toot
    • The PAX: Captain Crunch, Scarecrow, Gauge, Toot Toot

3 PAX took the DRP and joined YHC at CDR.  I was hoping for more, but 29 other PAX unfartsacked at the other awesome Saturday AOs (11 @ Planet Pain, 10 @ The Patriot, & 8 marathon trainers) so I really couldn’t be upset about that.  The PAX received the standard disclaimer, and then the warmup began.

Today’s workout was brought to you by Saul from F3 Roanoke.  With minimal warmup variation, this was the workout done during my visit there a few weeks ago.  It was titled, “The Hindenburg Blimp”.


10 Merkins OYO
15 Windmills IC
10 Merkins OYO
20 Cherry Pickers IC
10 Merkins OYO — at this point Gauge caught on and called the OYO out as we finished our IC exercises
25 Morrocan Nightclubs IC
10 Merkins OYO
20 Hillbilly Walkers IC
10 Merkins OYO

Mosey one lap around the perimeter of the Greens.  Here’s where the Hindenburg BLIMP took off.


1 cone was placed in each corner of the green (total of 4 cones).  The instructions: mosey to first cone, complete exercise; mosey to second cone, repeat exercise; mosey to third cone, repeat exercise; mosey to 4th cone, repeat exercise; take a 10-count.  That completes a single rotation.  The rotational exercises were:

10 Burpees
20 Lunges (in place, 10 each leg)
30 Imperial Walkers (single count)
40 Merkins
50 Plank Jacks (single count)
60 Squats

The completion of the BLIMP rotations brought us right to 8AM.


Read your Newsletter.  It’s all in there.


Scarecrow – busy family season of life

Toot Toot, Gauge, & Scarecrow – 30+ new cub scouts are joining our pack.  Pray for us to make a positive influence in the next generation.

–Toot Toot out!

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