The Board of Pain at Night at the Museum

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The PAX: Pac Man, Red October, Mongo, Paw Print, Canseco, Kindergarten Cop, Fryin’ Pan, Pepperoni, All Star, Catfish

Date: 09-17-2018

It’s not often I get to post at our evening AO, life being what it is, but I really enjoy the change of pace & being able to bring the 2.o’s out for a little work as well.

First lesson learned from last night – DO NOT eat prior to the workout, I think splashing some merlot would’ve been a relief.

Second lesson – just because it’s starting to look & sound like fall doesn’t mean the temps and humidity will follow!

The wienkie was simple – follow the board of pain (Thanks Jekyll!). This was the original #BOP from 2015 (maybe earlier) and I know we’ve done a month of the board at #ManU one August – in 2015 I think.

The men rocked through the exercises and Canseco showed us how it’s done!

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