3 For 800’s and Conversation

    • When: 09/20/18
    • QIC: Canseco
    • The PAX: Penny Pincher, Burgundy

67 Degrees and the slightest hint of fall weather.  Penny Pincher, Burgundy, and YHC warmed up with a mile at a brisk pace.  After the warm up we never stopped.

The Thang:

800’s (2 laps) @ 6:20-6:45 then…..recover with 800’s (2 laps) @ 8:00-8:30.  And so on and  so forth until we totaled a little over 6 miles all together.  I believe we did 5 sequences of this nonsense.  The sprinklers were on so we were naturally cooled off throughout the workout.


This workout hurt….at least for me.  Penny Pincher was sharing some of his thoughts and the things on his heart while running 6:30 paces ?.  Maybe I need to drink and eat what he is having!?  Burgundy held a strong pace and set the tone for this workout.  Great push brother.  I think I spoke less than anyone.  Clearly I like to blank out when I run…you know….turn the mind off.  Yes,  this was part of our discussion  as well.  Are you a thinking runner or a blanking runner?

Anyway let’s get back on track.  As much as this workout hurt I felt strong at the end but would not have pushed myself without the company around me.  Just a simple reminder that gathering together in the gloom is good for the soul and most of the time we all take/give something from time together.  Penny Pincher I appreciate your openess, geniuness, and sincerity.  Your heart is in the right place brother and you spoke to me in a way that changed my day.

Burgundy,  Im learning your the King of listening.  You can always tell a great listener by the questions they ask.  I appreciate how your always engaging conversation and getting interaction started.

Thanks men for sharing your time with me.  As always I get more out leading than I put in.

Penny Pincher and I prayed.

Thanks for the opportunity F3RockHill.





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