Be Intentional – Be Prepared

    • When: 9/19/18
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Straight Up, Double D ®, Maximus, Mr. Clean, Fish Sticks, Triple Lindy ®, Cake Boss, Mile High, Wildcat, Cable Guy, Ponytail (R)

11 HIM’s gathered today at Pantheon and all decided to go Beyond.  YHC had been looking forward to this day since posting to a Beyond workout 2 weeks prior and when Maximus invited me to lead I jumped at the chance.  What a great opportunity it is to push yourself physically and mentally, be challenged, and step outside the comfort zone.  The appointed time drew near and Straight Up asked if anybody wanted a separate workout and I was glad to see that all the HIM’s decided to join me for what I had planned.  YHC started the morning off with a word of encouragement to the PAX that when asked to lead a Beyond workout, do it – and be better for it.  It was then that we moved on to the warm-up with SSH, IW’s, HW’s, and some other light stretching.

The Thang –

After the warm-up was completed, we moseyed over to the flag pole area in the front of TCES and YHC and started the workout and thoughts on YHC mind for the day.  The first part of the workout was to include some core work and we began with a long plank and YHC explained to the men that my word for the day was about being Intentional – being Prepared for our roles as men, namely in our Faith / our roles as Fathers / our roles as Husbands.  I shared with the PAX that regarding Faith, I often think of my Grandfather who was killed near the end of WWII when a kamikaze hit his ship.  He had a daughter born 2 months prior (my mom) that he never got to see in this world.  I don’t know where he was in his faith but my prayer is that they will be reunited one day in heaven.  How did live his last day?  How are we living each day?  I encouraged the men to live each day as if it were their last, being Prepared & Intentional with the faith  and shared the following verse

Matthew 10:33  Whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father

Next we moseyed out the side parking lot and YHC had the PAX partner up & explain the next part of the workout involved the parking lines.  Each man would start on the end of the line and side bear crawl to the middle & back and then get together and do 15 partner leg throws each x 3 sets.  Once completed, we moseyed back to the flag pole area and planked up again and YHC discussed being Intentional in our roles as fathers.  YHC shared with the men that I didn’t have much of a father growing up.  My father left my mother when I was 14 months and my brother was 2 months and my mom was 19 years old.  He was an example of how not to be Intentional as a father and I tried to use that example to be a better father to my kids.  I challenged the fathers of daughters to date them and show them how a man should treat a woman and fathers of sons, pour into them and show them how a man should treat a woman.  It’s an awesome responsibility to raise a child and should be taken seriously

Proverbs 22:6  Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it

Next we partnered back up in front of the columns in the drop off area and while partner 1 performed Australian Mtn Climbers, partner 2 performed SSH, rinse and repeat times 3.  Great job by all the men.  Next we took a lap around the perimeter of the front of the school and all the men stayed together.  Then we gathered back around the flag pole and YHC talked about being Intentional in our roles as husbands.  YHC shared with the guys that in January of 2000 my former wife informed me that we needed to separate.  I do not absolve myself from the failure of this marriage – I essentially failed in my first attempt as a husband, we divorced a year later.  I encouraged then men to be Intentional in their roles as Husbands.  Honor your wife and show your children how a Godly marriage looks and be there for them

Colossians 3:19  Husbands love your wives and do not be harsh with them

We finished up the workout by doing 10 burpees and about 30 feet of Lt. Dangers, moseyed around the parking lot & finished up on time.

We closed out the morning with announcements along with prayers and praises

Thanks Maximus for allowing me the opportunity to lead today.  It’s always an honor to do so –

Ponytail out –

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