Italian Job’s Panthers Trivia

    • When: 9/27/18
    • QIC: Italian Job
    • The PAX: Burgundy, Roxanne, Poppins, The Big Fundamental, Static, PCH, Old School, Italian Job


8 men embraced the Panthers trivia challenge this morning (got 71% correct) at ManU. See below to see what we did.

The Thang

  • 15 SSHs (IC)
  • L over R
  • R over L
  • 10 Windmills (IC)

Mosey to front of TJ Maxx (perform the exercises in yellow – based on answers)


What is the only number to be retired by the Panthers?51 – Sam Mills
Correct20 SSHs
Incorrect20 Merkins
Who is the Panthers all-time leading scorer?John Kasay (1482)
Correct20 Imperial Walkers
Incorrect10 Diamond Merkins
Who leads the Panthers in career yards thrown?Cam Newton (6k more than Delhomme)
Correct15 Low Slow Squats (IC)
Incorrect10 Burpees
Who is the Panthers all-time leading rusher in yards?Jonathan Stewart (7318 – 400 more than D. Williams)
Correct25 MNCs
Incorrect1 minute Al Gore
Who is the Panthers all-time leading receiver in yards?Steve Smith (12197 – 3k more than M. Muhammad)
Correct25 Calf Raises
Incorrect15 Crab Jacks
Who leads the Panthers in career sacks?Julius Peppers (92 – 24.5 more than C. Johnson)
Correct15 LBCs
Incorrect15 Mac Tar Jais
Who leads the Panthers in career interceptions?Chris Gamble (27 – 2 more than Eric Davis)
Correct15 Flutters (IC)
Incorrect15 Flutters (IC)
Who was the Panthers first head coach?Dom Capers
Correct30 sec Plank
Incorrect15 Plank Jacks
Who is/was the Panthers longest serving head coach?John Fox (2002-2010)
Correct10 Count
Incorrect10 Burpees
Which head coach has the highest winning percentage?Ron Rivera (.576)
Correct15 Bobby Hurleys
Incorrect15 Gorilla Squats
Including the playoffs, what is the Panthers career winning %?0.5
Correct15 Bomb Jacks
Incorrect20 Overhead Claps
Who did the Panthers play in their very first game?Jacksonville Jaguars (won 20-14)
Correct15 Carolina Dry Docks
Incorrect15 Merkins
How many times have the Panthers gone 1-15?Once (2001)
Correct20 Shoulder Taps
Incorrect15 Mountain Climbers
The Panthers have scored a record 52 points one time. Who was it against?Cincinnati 12/8/02
Correct10 Count
Incorrect10 Burpees OYO
The Panthers allowed 52 points in one game against whom?Oakland Raiders 12/24/00
Correct10 Plyo Merkins
Incorrect10 Turkish Get Ups
The Panthers highest ever home attendance was 76,136. In which stadium did this occur?Memorial Stadium, Clemson
How many consecutive coin tosses did the Panthers lose in 2012?13
Correct10 Count
Incorrect10 Knee Tar Jais
What song do the Panthers play after a victory?Sweet Caroline
Correct15 Apollo Onos
IncorrectCrab Walk
Who was the first Panther selected in the 1995 NFL Selection Draft?Rod Smith
Correct15 Rosalitas
Incorrect10 Prison Cells
Who was the first Panther drafted?Kerry Collins
Correct15 Big Boy Situps
Who threw the Panthers first touchdown?Frank Reich
Correct20 Monkey Humpers
IncorrectDragon Walk
Who was the first Panther to be cut (was also a professional wrestler)?Bill Goldberg
Correct10 Lunges (ea. Leg)
Incorrect10 Hand Release Merkins
What Panthers coaches have been named NFL Coach of the Year?Dom Capers (1996), Ron Rivera (2013 and 2015)
Correct15 Seal Jacks
Incorrect15 Wide Arm Merkins
The Panthers had a bronze medal Olympian on their roster. Who was he?Michael Bates
Correct20 American Hammer
IncorrectBear Crawl
What Panther was known as “He Hate Me” in the XFL?Rod Smart
Correct1 Minute of Broga
Incorrect 15 Donkey Kicks

Mosey to the fountain for:

  • 15 Irkins (IC)
  • 15 Dips (IC)

Mosey to the Movie Theatre

  • 20 Pull-ups

Mosey back to the CoT

  • 15 SSHs (IC)
  • L over Right
  • R over Left


Sometimes it’s good to switch things up and let the workout go wherever it goes. Groupthink prevailed today as the guys got most of the answers right. Next time, maybe I’ll make it more germain to current Panthers stats. Regardless, thanks for indulging my fandom. And to the security team at TJ Maxx, you’re welcome for the footage in front of your store. Enjoy reviewing that film. Try not to laugh at our stellar form.

-Italian Job

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