Perspective at PHOP

    • When: 10/03/18
    • QIC: Schrute
    • The PAX: Bill Nye, Pantalones, Herbie, Gold Plate, Deputy Dog, Gatorade, Waterboy, White Hat

8 men joined YHC today for an old fashioned PHOP boot camp. We also took some time to talk about our perspective as we lead in our world. (see Moleskin)


SSH x 15

Windmill x 10

Squat x 10

Toy Soldier across parking lot

High Knees across parking lot

Butt Kickers across parking lot

Side shuffle across parking lot and back

The Thang:

Mosey around the church and to the neighborhood across the street. 10 merkins at the bottom of the hill. At this point, asked the Pax to take a look at the neighborhood from the perspective of being in a plank. Then we moved to 6 inches and looked from that perspective.

Run up the hill in the neighborhood, stopping at each lit streetlight on the right and do 10 merkins. Stop at the top of the hill and get the 6.

At this point, I asked the Pax to consider the perspective they now stood at.

Mosey back around, stopping at each lit streetlight on the right and doing merkins. Go and get the 6.

Mosey back over to church.

At the church, we did 11’s starting with 1 burpee at the bottom of the hill, 10 squats at the top.

With 5 minutes to go, we broke into ab lab. After each exercise, asked a Pax to share a prayer concern or celebration.


1 Peter 5: 1-11 reminds us as we lead to be humble. Part of being humble is that as you lead, realize that others have a different perspective. Leadership is not about position (top or bottom of the hill), but about the steps you take wherever you are. As John Maxwell says: “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” As we influence those around us, let’s be humble and respect that others’ position may give them information that we don’t have…or prevent them from getting information that we have.

Great work by all the Pax today. I appreciate Gold Plate asking me to Q!






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