Maximus Travels to The Rock

    • When: 10/12/2018
    • QIC: Maximus
    • The PAX: Homer, Router, White Hat, Gold Plate, PCH, Herbie, Catfish, River Rat, Windex

Our brother, Maximus, came down from The Fort to lead our ruck AO at Petra this morning. #TClaps to him for sharing his love for rucking & for a well done Q! Below is his backblast.


Disclaimer mentioning the standard stuff.

Warm up mosey followed by some high-knees.


Circle up for a warm-up


10 forward & 10 reverse big arm circles

Side Straddle Hops

Moroccan Night Clubs

Slow Squats

Hand-Release Merkins


Grab a partner and report to the top of the parking lot for 2rds of catch me if you can.

Partner 1 takes off with his and his partners ruck to begin the loop while partner 2 drops for 3 hand-release merkins and sprints after P1. Flapjack then repeat for 2 laps around.


In formation, 2×2 with rucks overhead to the beginning of the side wall.

Lunge walks with overhead ruck presses at each step for the length of the wall. Modify as needed to bear hug the ruck.

Bear crawl back to the starting position at the wall then crawl bear back again.


Circle up for some seal team-inspired ab/chest work:

Pass the rucks to the end then back to the other end then back to your own spot…American Hammer style

Flutter kicks w/ presses

Seal team situps


In circle, rucks at 90deg and each PAX does 3 curls going around the circle. While you wait, hold the ruck at 90deg.

Same idea but with Al Gore squat hold & a 5ct. Each PAX counts 5down when it’s their turn so it was a total of just over a minute of Al Gore.


Rucks over head and move back to the big parking lot and circle up.

10 Man-Makers

Shoulder Presses

Get back in the seal-team line

Bicycle kicks with rucks up (50ct in cadence)

Flutter kicks with rucks up.


2×2 with rucks overhead back to COT.

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