The JOC Adventure where no one gets left out!

    • When: 10/17/18
    • QIC: Lucky Charm
    • The PAX: Sapper, Fellini, Snap-on, Fest-a-Fun, Beetle Bailey, PCH, Magic Mike, Cap'n Crunch, River Rat, Smiley Face, Kenyan, Destiny, Lucky Charm

Great morning, a couple guys enjoying a pre-run before the event!

started with disclaimer, then a mosey around parking lot to designated space for stretching,

The Thing:

All exercises in Cadence unless otherwise noted

10 sec Left over Right, then switch.

25 windmills, first 10 slow, then next 10 fast, then last 5 slow

25 MNC


Apache 10 count

mosey to flag pole

Smiley Face lead Pledge of Allegiance.

mosey to next station,

1 min toe taps x3 (time kept by Kenyan)

30 calf raises single count

25 low slow squats

15 Monkey Humpers

25 Hillbilly Walkers

Apache 10 count

Mosey across the smoothest Asphalt in Rockhill

Apache 10 count

15 Merkins

25 Imperial Walkers

25 American Hammers

25 LBCs

Apache 10 count

Mosey back to building

Wall sit while each person did 5 merkins from both sides until all did 5

Mosey to parking lot

Apache 10 count

25 MTN climbers

25 shoulder taps

6 inches x 3.  for 10 second count. Beetle Bailey and Fellini did the counting!

Most to bottom of hill

teamed up, one person was to plank while other ran up the hill and did 5 Bobby Hurleys as a group as to leave no one behind and then run back down the hill as a group

the person in the Plank faced the Flag and when they thought they couldn’t do it anymore they were to look at the Flag and remember what the troops are sacrificing for us and to push through until teammate returned.

Mosey back to COT

Finished up with remaining Apache 10 counts so that everyone knew each others story of what F3 means to them and how they got there.

Went around the circle for each pac to give a prayer request, then praises, ended with Prayer.

Magic Mike is continuing to improve on his Videoing of the Name A-rama!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning.  If you haven’t haven’t been to this AO, its a good one!







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