Blimpfest at Eagles Nest

    • When: 10/16/18
    • QIC: Toot Toot
    • The PAX: Sir Purr, Tombstone, Blanks, Mayhem, Homer, Van Damme, Polymer, Pink Panther, Danger Zone, Ponzi, White Hat, Toot Toot (QIC)

I wasn’t sure I would be able to make this Q as I had missed all midweek workouts from the end of August until last week.  Sleep is a premium when you have a teething baby.  Fortunately, the first tooth popped through and everyone’s sleeping has improved, allowing me to Q this



10 Merkins OYO
10 Windmills IC
10 Merkins OYO
15 Cherry Pickers IC
10 Merkins OYO
20 Morrocan Nightclubs IC
10 Merkins OYO
20 Hillbilly Walkers IC
10 Merkins OYO

We then moseyed to… the Lowenstein Parking Garage.  This was met with gasps and surprises as we were not wandering Winthrop’s campus this morning.  Van Damme even said I needed a hug.


We proceeded to one corner of the parking area.  The instructions: mosey to first corner, complete exercise; mosey to second corner, repeat exercise; mosey to third corner, repeat exercise; mosey to the starting corner, repeat exercise; take a 10-count.  That completes a single rotation.  The planned rotational exercises were:

10 Burpees
20 Lunges (in place, 10 each leg)
30 Imperial Walkers (single count)
40 Merkins
50 Plank Jacks (single count)
60 Squats

By time we completed the Imperial Walker rotation, time was beginning to run short.  Merkins were Omaha’ed out for Morrocan Night Clubs.  The completion of the 4th rotation gave us 10 minutes to go, so we moseyed back to the AO.  We completed 50 Plank Jacks at the traffic signal along the way, and finished off with 60 Squats at the AO to finish out the clock.


Van Damme – health concerns with knee
Polymer – health concerns in family; important test next Monday.  Pray for positive results.
Danger Zone – important family discussions and decisions soon.


Apparently, I worked the PAX so hard they were delirious as to who was actually the QIC, as evidenced by the video above.  Great work by all and thanks for allowing me to push your limits this morning!

Until next time — Toot Toot out!


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