Manu’s Elementry Flashback

    • When: 10-18-18
    • QIC: Sir Pur
    • The PAX: Smiley face, polymer, static, beetle Bailey, mayhem, jester, darth, Kenyan, Roxanne, and Sir purr.

We had a flashback of elementary school today.

We started with pre-bell class play time.

A series of Indian style stretches. You know we had toys everywhere so we went into cherry pickers.

With all that energy, jumping around we went into a 25 count of SSH

now you know we are up and down so a 15 count of merkins seemed fitting

ohhh but we still had so much energy. 20 count SSH

but tripping on our shoe laces again. 10 count Merkins

now we where pouting about something. So we pouted in plank position for a 10 count

left arm up (static 10 count)

right arm up (Roxanne 10 count)


Now it’s time for school. We all know when the teacher is ready the kids ain’t. it seemed fitting to take a mossey. (A run from the AO to the park, around the pond to the play ground).

Class is In order and time for school. A little word and thought from Sir Purr  on the word of the month and what it means to him  a bit of scripture from Ecclesiastes 9:11

Now recess is here time for some duck duck goose, or what we’ll call plank plank bear crawl.

into a 5 station playground sweat fest.

Burpees, surrenders, urkins, ab Lap, and swift run by the lake.

School is coming to an end so we mossied back to the AO taking the long way around the lake. ( kids are so cluseless some run right into traffic, Kenyan)

with the 5 minutes we have to wait on in the car line we done a series of shoulder burnouts. Raise the roof, baby circles forward and reverse, Moroccan night clubs, Carolina drydocks . Sure is tough arm slapping and raising hand for school all day.

This is a little tacky but I had a lot fun with it. Thanks guys.


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