Fellowship is over…

    • When: 10/15/18
    • QIC: Tinker Toy
    • The PAX: Canseco, The Big Fundamental, Tombstone, Kelvin, Boomer, Walker (R), PCH, Sandlot, Ponytail (R), Blueprint, Herbie, Schrute, Penny Pincher, Tinker Toy (Q)

There were 13 brothers at Old Town to join me for an Old Town beatdown.
Disclaimer given

Warm up (all in cadence)
20 SSH
15 IW
15 Windmills (Propellers)
10 merkins

Mosey to parking lot by Market area
Partner up…one partner runs up fire escape stairs at Alleyway by Amelies…other partner perform Burpees until partner returns then switch

Mosey to Amphitheater area
Walking derkins on first step
Walking Irkins on next step
Sumo squats across the next level
Lunge walk across next level
Burpee broad jump across last level
Partner up…Merkin/squat combo on top rail of amphitheater-10 merkins/squats…shampoo with other partner

Mosey to Fountain park
20 steps ups per leg OYO

Mosey to Hotbox
Run up 1 level from the bottom…15 merkin jacks and 10 pull ups
Run back down stairs to bottom
Run up 2 levels…20 squats/BTTW (long count by Walker…Thans brother…I like you’re counting style)/PC (Long 20 count)
Run back down stairs to bottom
Run up 3 levels…10 lunges per leg/25 LBC (IC)
Run to top level…Dealers choice
1. 10 Prison Cell merkins
2. 25 FLutter kick (IC)
3. 20 wide arm merkins

Mosey back toward AO…stopping at 2 street intersections and performing 10 merkins then 10 plyo merkins

Mosey to Alleyway and perform some dips-20 (IC) and 10 Derkins (IC)

Mosey to COT
Spoke out of Galatians 6 where God speaks of bearing each others burdens and carrying our own load. While these seem to contradict each other, it is interesting looking at the Greek words for burden and load. Burden speaks of cargo on a ship and load speaks of a soldiers pack (think of rucking). Burdens are loads that are too much for us to carry on our own and we need our brothers to come alongside us and help lighten the load as we go through trials in life. Loads are our daily activities and responsibilities that were are fully capable of handling and expected to handle, with God’s strength and grace (being a husband, father, good employee, ect).

It was a pleasure and honor leading this group of men this morning. Push each other to be better men and lean into the Lord and each other for strength. AYE!!

Count off/Name O rama/Prayers/Praises

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